I watched Regis Le Bris' first Sunderland appearance and loved what he said

Sunderland's Chris Rigg and new head coach Regis Le Bris
-Credit: (Image: Sunderland AFC via Getty Images)

You have to be impressed by Regis Le Bris’ first press conference at Sunderland. Even some fans were saying ‘wow’ at how the 48-year-old came across in his first meaningful interview.

For a start his English is excellent and he speaks with authority, intelligence and humility. He seems a humble man with big ambitions and there is every reason for fans to be excited about his thoughts on wanting to play an attacking style to excite them.

He is polite, too, and every now and again he checked himself to say, ‘I think I can say it like that’. He is a football educator and spoke of how he enjoys the philosophies of Pep Guardiola and Xavi and what they have brought to the game, especially in terms of playing out from the goalkeeper.

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Le Bris has a presence. There is an aura about him and he comes across as a warm human being too. You already get the feeling that people like him. And given how fans felt about his predecessor, that can only be a good thing.

Of course, he will be judged on results, as all managers are. Hopefully he will have the players at his disposal to do just that.

How refreshing it was, too, to see someone talk intelligently without making a single reference to ‘the football club’ as we all know it’s football we are talking about, while he said ‘on the pitch’, rather than the cringeworthy ‘on on the grass’ which has filtered into football parlance.

Le Bris never once said ‘in the building’ either, rather, he spoke of the club. Another huge tick in my mind. He is his own man. And in another nod to football cliches, long may that continue.