'I watched thieves breaking into my car... but I had the last laugh'

Lisa caught the thieves trying to break into her car on her doorbell camera
Lisa caught the thieves trying to break into her car on her doorbell camera -Credit:Lisa Wright

A woman has had the last laugh at a group of wannabe thieves who tried to break into her husband's car.

Lisa Wright's husband's car was parked outside their home in Preston last month when it was targeted by thieves. The following day she watched her doorbell camera footage, which showed the men opening the doors to look inside the motor.

Lisa shared the footage on Facebook to alert others to the thieves. But she also revealed how the thieves may have got more than they bargained for when they climbed inside the car.


Lisa said: "Hi to the bunch of lovely people who keep going through my husband's car... it doesn’t lock and if we do lock it the alarm automatically goes off, and we don’t wanna keep pissing our neighbours off. But feel free to constantly go through it."

Lisa then revealed what her husband uses his car for - and explained why even she wouldn't want to go rooting around inside it.

"Hope you enjoy the smell of cow shit and hopefully get it on you because I know it smells delightful and takes ages to come off any clothing or skin, because he works with diary cows," she added.

"If I’m honest I wouldn’t even enjoy exploring his car. It’s been used for so many jobs you wouldn’t even sit in the seats if you had good clothing on.

"Lots of pins, nails and other sharp objects belong in all the pockets and centrefold. And it has its own eco system growing on the inside and outside!! But hey it gets us from A-Z."

LancsLive understands the break-in was reported to Lancashire Constabulary. Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101.