Waterloo Road airs emotional cancer scene for Andrew

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Waterloo Road airs emotional Andrew cancer scene BBC

Waterloo Road spoilers follow.

Waterloo Road has aired an emotional scene in which former head Andrew Treneman told headteacher Kim Campbell (Angela Griffin) about his cancer diagnosis.

Last week, Andrew told a shocked and confused Kim they should end their recently rekindled relationship.

In tonight's (January 23) episode, after attending a crucial meeting with Andrew about the school becoming an academy, Andrew and Kim argued about the school's future.

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When Andrew turned up at Kim's office to clear the air, he keeled over in pain and revealed to Kim that he had recently had an operation to remove a tumour in his bowel.

"I've got cancer," he said, before explaining that he has recently been diagnosed with stage 2 bowel cancer.

"I won't know if it's spread for a few days. Then I'll be looking at maybe chemo. Still early days," he said as he fought back tears, adding: "I didn't know what to do."

Explaining to Kim that she shouldn't have to help him so soon after reconnecting, Andrew said he didn't want to put Kim through the ordeal after she lost her son Dexter to an illness.

"Nobody should have to go through that alone," a tearful Kim said before making the decision to support Andrew.

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Elsewhere, Shola told a white lie that spiralled out of control after telling her crush Mr Rutherford that her mum had relapsed in an attempt to spend time with him. When her private diary containing explicit fiction about Mr Rutherford was exposed, it sent shockwaves through the school.

During an emotional conversation with Mr Rutherford, Shola hugged him and, after being seen embracing, Mike was suspended from his policing duties pending a formal inquiry.

Meanwhile, Mr Guthrie's daughter Libby was on a mission to stay at Waterloo Road after stealing her mum's credit card and running away from New Zealand.

Waterloo Road airs on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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