Waterloo Road airs heartbreak for Kelly Jo in pregnancy storyline

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Waterloo Road airs heartbreak for Kelly JoBBC

Waterloo Road spoilers follow.

Waterloo Road has aired even more heartbreak for Kelly Jo, who had an abortion in tonight's (February 13) episode following her recent pregnancy storyline.

A few weeks ago we learnt that Kelly Jo was pregnant by her boyfriend Dean. After Kelly Jo took a pregnancy test at school, she told Dean she wanted an abortion.

Beginning tonight's episode, Dean tried to persuade Kelly Jo not to go ahead with the abortion but Kelly Jo remained unconvinced.

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At school, Dean told Kelly Jo's best friend Samia about the pregnancy in an attempt to get her to change Kelly Jo's mind but Samia went to her friend's house to offer support.

"Do you know what Sam, everybody thinks that this is easy and it's not. I think it's the hardest thing I have ever done in my life," Kelly Jo said to Samia. "I just don't want to be a mum yet."

Following this, Samia accompanied Kelly Jo and her mum to the hospital where Kelly Jo prepared to have an abortion.

After receiving a phone call from Samia in which she told Dean that Kelly Jo was having the procedure, a heartbroken Dean decided to run riot and drink vodka at school with Mr Guthrie's daughter Libby.

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When Libby took Dean for a heart-to-heart she confessed to finding Dean attractive and said: "You need to chill out. Have fun. Enjoy yourself. I mean, do that, and you'll soon forget about Kelly Jo."

The pair then shared a kiss. Later, after leaving the hospital, Kelly Jo and Samia went to the school looking for Dean, who was kissing Libby in a cupboard.

As Libby and Dean exited the cupboard, a shocked Samia and Kelly Jo walked in. A tearful Kelly Jo said: "No way, is this a joke? How could you man?"

Crying, Kelly Jo told Dean that she trusted him while Libby looked on and smirked.

Elsewhere, the teachers became worried about the academy takeover, and Andrew collapsed after pushing himself too hard.

Waterloo Road airs on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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