Waterloo Road fans in shock as cast favourite is killed off in first episode

Adam Thomas returns to his Waterloo Road role. (BBC)
Adam Thomas' character Donte was heartbroken in his Waterloo Road return. (BBC)

Waterloo Road made a return to TV last night after eight years off air - but fans were devastated that a favourite character was killed off in the first episode.

Viewers had been excited to see that Adam Thomas and Katie Griffiths were returning to their roles as Donte and Chlo, high school sweethearts who met in the early days of the BBC One series and were back as a married couple with two children of their own.

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However, the fans' joy was shortlived as Griffiths' character Chlo was tragically killed off at the end of the episode.

Chlo collapsed in Donte's arms. (BBC)
Chlo collapsed in Donte's arms. (BBC)

She was shown in her kitchen at home clutching her head and then hugging husband Donte, but during their embrace she passed out and fell to the floor as he shouted for their daughter to call an ambulance.

Viewers were appalled at the sad turn of events, with one person tweeting: "Hope everyone has a fab day, apart from the person who decided to kill Chlo off on the FIRST EPISODE OF WATERLOO ROAD."

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Someone else added: "they brought back waterloo road and chlo grainger just to kill her off in the first episode i cant be f***ing a***d"

Another disappointed fan wrote: "Why did they bring back Waterloo Road just to kill Chlo off? I’m fuming!!!"

The Charles family. (BBC)
The Charles family were tragically ripped apart. (BBC)

People who had been looking forward to the school drama's return said that they could not understand why such a devastating storyline had been planned for Chlo.

One person tweeted: "Are you telling me we’ve waited 8 years for Waterloo road to come back and they’ve killed Chlo off in the first episode?!"

Someone else wrote: "not them making a big deal about bringing back waterloo road and then killing off chlo in episode one? the cheek of it! i will not be watching"

Another viewer added: "sobbing at waterloo road WTF spoilers// how has this show managed to kill off chlo, her mum, and her step dad proper cruel that"

Waterloo Road continues on Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC One.