Watford Midfielder Praised After Doing Post-Match Interview Despite Stutter

Ken Sema, a midfielder for Watford FC, won plaudits for a two-goal performance in his team’s 3-2 win over West Brom recently, but he’s also been praised for taking on a post-match interview, despite having a stutter.

Commenters praised Sema for the interview, with one writing: “Amazing, hopefully he can inspire youngsters either in football or the wider community to have the confidence to speak publicly without fear.” Another declared: “This is awesome. Know who I’m rooting for in the Championship the rest of the way.”

West Bromwich Albion manager Carlos Corberan also took to Twitter to praise Sema for his interview, writing: “In football, as in life, facing up to difficulties makes us stronger. The bravery to tackle challenges inspires a lot of people.” Credit: Watford FC via Storyful

Video transcript

- Ken, two goals today. Congratulations. That must have felt good.

KEN SEMA: Thank you. Yeah, of course. Obviously, you know, after a while now, you know, I had my-- I had my injury and stuff, so like, yeah, I'm happy with the goals. I'm happy with the win today, as well. It was a must-win here at home. So yeah, it was a good one.

- Can you talk us through your first goal getting on the end of Keinan Davis's shot?

KEN SEMA: Obviously, yeah, yeah, he had like a shot on target, on the keeper, and then I was just there, you know? And he just was like, right on my foot and I just smash it onto the goal. It was an easy one. So yeah, I'm happy with it.

- How good did it feel, as well, to celebrate in front of supporters, as well, after, as you mentioned, your injury?

KEN SEMA: Yeah, obviously, it was amazing. I've been out a while, you know, where on my rehab and stuff. I did everything I could to like come back here stronger. And yeah. And scoring today, a win today, feels good, obviously.

- And your second goal, it was definitely on target, wasn't it?

KEN SEMA: Yeah, for sure. [LAUGHS] For sure, it was. It was. A bit of luck, I guess. But you need to have it as well, you know, in football. So, yeah, it was good.

- We didn't always play amazing today. But how important will this win now going into, you know, more important games like Sheffield, United?

KEN SEMA: Very, very important one. Now, you know, like a win at home, important for confidence, as well, you know? And now against a strong team, as well. So yeah, it's good. It's good.

- Brilliant. Top man, Ken. Thanks, mate.

KEN SEMA: Cheers. Thank you so much.