Way too cute: Orphaned baby rhino 'Little G' really thinks he's a lamb

They say the best kind of friendships are the most unlikely - as proven by this unusual
animal duo.

Captured on camera, baby rhino Gertje and lovable sheep, Lammie, show their incredible
bond by skipping and playing together during a walk outside.

The heart-warming footage, taken by assistant curator, Karien Smit, shows white rhino,
Gertle, trying to copy its best friend's behaviour by hopping around like a lamb.

As the Dorpa sheep springs up and down the dusty trail, the orphaned rhino is seen
getting excited as it spins in circles trying to mimic its steps.

Lammie the dorpa sheep and Gertje the rhino
Lammie the dorpa sheep and Gertje the rhino

Tragically, three-month-old Gertje was rescued after it was found lying next to the dead
body of his mother, who had been brutally killed by poachers for her horn.

Gertje, or Little G as he is now known, was then sent to Hoedspruit Endangered Species
Centre, in Pretoria, South Africa, where he was introduced to Lammie.

Since then the adorable pair have become inseparable and now eat, rest and play
together barely leaving each other's side.

The unlikely pairing on a walk together
The unlikely pairing on a walk together

Gretna Scheepers, the manager at the centre, said: "As soon as the two bonded Gertjie
was very relaxed and content, he now had a 24/7 companion.

"They are best friends and companions, they are together almost 24 hours of a day and
actually do everything together.

"They definitely pick up on each other's behaviour, Lammie for example will 'play' with the
ball just the way Gertjie would and if Gertjie is sleeping, Lammie will sleep as well.

"We noticed the behaviour when Gertjie and Lammie got excited while playing, both
started hopping around.

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"If they are excited or content that is when they start to play. Normally, they would be relaxed and grazing but after going for a run or a mud bath you can definitely see that they are excited and very playful.

"Some people think that Gertjie was aggressive towards Karien, but this in fact is not true
at all.

"In the video you will notice that Gertjie is very happy and playing with his care taker and
his sheep companion."

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