Wayne Rooney says he'll 'miss' kids as he confirms Coleen won't move to Plymouth

Coleen and Wayne Rooney
-Credit: (Image: PA)

Coleen Rooney has decided not to relocate to Plymouth with her children, following the announcement of her husband Wayne Rooney's new role as head coach of Plymouth Argyle. The former professional footballer, aged 38, was recently appointed to lead the team with the aim of bringing them "closer to the Premier League".

During a press conference in Plymouth on Thursday, 4 July, Wayne confirmed that his wife will not be joining him in Devon due to his career change. When sports reporter Amy Christophers asked if Coleen would be moving to Plymouth, the football manager responded: "No she won't be.

"My eldest son is at a crucial stage of his life, both in terms of football and school. Of course you miss them but this is my job, this is what I want to do, so you have to sacrifice certain things in order to be the best you can be. I'll see them as much as I can."

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The ex-England captain was unveiled as the head coach for Plymouth Argyle in May and began his duties at Home Park this week. This marks Wayne's first position since he was dismissed by Birmingham City earlier this year in January after being at the helm for 83 days.

He further commented during the press conference at Home Park: "I think for my job, school work and the football at home as well is the most important thing. I don't want to take them away from that, although I'll speak to them every day."

Kai Rooney, the 14-year-old son of Wayne and Coleen Rooney, is being hailed as the next big thing in football after scoring a "wonder goal" for Manchester United's Under 14 team against Millwall in May. The goal clinched the Albert Phelan National Cup for his team.

However, despite their shared pride in their eldest son's achievements, the couple reportedly have differing views on how to manage his burgeoning career.

A source told OK! : "Everyone is saying how he is going to be football's next big thing and could even emulate his dad." The insider added: "Wayne is happy for him to start playing at 16 professionally like he did but Coleen is a lot more protective and thinks that a lot of Wayne's issues come from being a star so early."