'We need wealth in Cornwall, not poverty' - new housing build sparks debate

Artist impression of some of the homes that will be built at the new Clockmaker's development in Bodmin
Artist impression of some of the homes that will be built at the new Clockmaker's development in Bodmin -Credit:Bunnyhomes

The announcement of a brand-new neighbourhood in Bodmin, offering 170 fresh homes for locals, has sparked quite a chatter among Cornwall residents. A good number of these homes - 51 to be exact - are listed as 'affordable', and this development has turned heads and started conversations about social housing, the capacity of local services, and what the future holds for all of Cornwall.

The developer, bunnyhomes, promises the 14-acre development will be something that Bodmin has never seen before on the new John the Watchmaker’s Great Country Park. It means that from Easter Weekend, prospective house buyers will have a chance to come in and choose their own plot and house specifications.

The 14-acre site is named after Bodmin-born 18th-century watchmaker and inventor John Arnold, who pioneered the UK’s first precision chronometers and timepieces from which current-day wristwatches are derived.

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One reader MRBIGSHOT said: "Social housing is needed. Surely the council can deliver some of these?"

Jamsdad answered by saying: "Sadly they are prevented by Thatchers Council House sell-off laws."

Johnboy599 is all for the site and said: "Excellent development, I am impressed they got so many low-cost housing allocated."

Happydazz said: "Best thing in Bodmin is the Beacon you get a lovely view if you block out the town."

Woody1961_ asked: "Why do we need social housing? All the social housing I see is very rarely looked after, and seems to create more problems than it solves. Litter, dogs, curtains closed, non-payment of rent, gardens not cared for, houses a mess. We need wealth in Cornwall, not poverty."

Minesapasty queried: "So from the 170 houses, 51 will be affordable, does that mean the other 119 houses will be unaffordable ????? Just asking for a friend."

Pádraig ó Coileáin said: "Neighbourhoods develop organically, they are not something thrust upon an area. It’s words used by developers inappropriately."

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Maa said: "A four-bedroom house in Windsor is 'affordable' if you have the right money."

Cornish1478 says: "51 they all should be rented out by the local council for local people that will help in a big way. Rip off not affordable for local people."

Woody1961_ answered with: "If you are actually saying local people can't afford to buy or rent a house here in Cornwall then it's fair to say they won't be able to afford a house anywhere. If people have fewer children and improve their life chances by working hard and conforming to accepted rules of social existence, then the opportunities will come. They could always think about moving elsewhere if the job opportunities are not here! People need to realise you can't just stamp your feet and demand a house!"

AJSON commented: "So none for locals then, as many can not afford to buy. Many people local need social housing. But carry on building on green fields and bringing millions of extra people to Cornwall and ignore the local housing crisis and infrastructure."

Name_that_was_tap said: "Just a shame there’s not a decent town to accommodate the ever-increasing homes built in and around the Bodmin area. Unless you’re a charity shop fan then you’ll be in heaven."

Happydazz mentioned: "See they are building another new estate down by the hospital now but there has been no upgrades to the infrastructure to support an already struggling system."

Do you think that 51 affordable houses are enough from a total of 170? Or is there a bigger problem not being addressed? Let us know in the comments below or HERE.