What weaponry is Russia using in the war on Ukraine?

Russian forces have been attempting to storm Kyiv and several other major cities in Ukraine as part of an offensive taking place “in all directions”.

Western analysts said that the Russian army was experiencing unexpected difficulties. Videos on social media showed some Russian units getting lost, with others running out of fuel.

Russian tanks and armoured vehicles have faced some resistance. In the northeast town of Glukhov, near the Russian border, a “column” of T-72 tanks were destroyed by US-supplied Javelin antitank missiles, the Ukrainian government said in a statement.

Two Russian armies - the 41st Combined Arms Army (CAA) and the 1st Guards Tank army - are said to be heading to the critically important capital of Kyiv. Both have around 35,000 to 40,000 personnel respectively, but smaller numbers are expected to be deployed fully into Ukraine.

The move is part of an encirclement operation from three sides.

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Among the weapons which have been seen moving towards the capital are TOS-1 thermobaric launchers; BM-21 122mm Grad; BM-21 220mm Uragan and 300mm Smerch systems.

Reports from Belgorod, Russia, near the Ukrainian border, also said Russian thermobaric multiple rocket launchers were being positioned.

The TOS-1 or TOS-1A Multiple Rocket Launcher is capable of launching rockets with thermobaric warheads.

There is no evidence that they have yet been used in the war with Ukraine.

These weapons are often called “vacuum bombs” because they suck in the oxygen from the surrounding air to generate a powerful explosion. They often leave victims with severe internal injuries and were used in Chechnya, according to the Human Rights Watch.


In addition to that, intelligence officials told The Independent that the Russians are using 27M Malka 203mm heavy self- propelled howitzer and 2S4 Tyulpan 240mm heavy self-propelled mortars, which can be used to large buildings.

Russian military have been using an array of aircraft in its attack on Ukraine. Their planes are capable of firing guided air-to-ground missiles or dropping cluster or fragmentation bombs.

A US defence official has said that early intelligence suggested that Russian military had been using 75 fixed-wing bomber planes to focus on striking the Ukrainian air defences and ammunition stores.

Attack and transport helicopters, including the Mi-8, have also been used in the offensive on the capital Kyiv, the Ukrainian military have said.

They claimed on Saturday that a Russian transport plane carrying soldiers had been shot down.