How to wear Pantone's Peach Fuzz color of the year, according to stylists

How to wear Pantone's Peach Fuzz color of the year, according to stylists
Cosmetics in the Peach Fuzz Pantone shade smudged in rows (left), A model walking on the runway wearing a peach top and pants, and a wide white belt.
Peach Fuzz is the Pantone 2024 color of the year.FabrikaCr/Getty Images, Stephane Cardinale - Corbis/ Getty Images
  • Peach Fuzz is the 2024 Pantone color of the year.

  • Stylists said it's a difficult color to wear and won't be as popular as the cherry-red trend.

  • An easy way to style Peach Fuzz is through accessories, stylists said.

Pantone announced its 2024 color of the year as Peach Fuzz, and the fashion community didn't quite jump for joy.

Stylist Liz Teich told Business Insider peach is great for home design, but can be difficult to style as it doesn't suit every skin undertone.

Erin Eagle, stylist and founder of A Style Set, said that though she won't be spotted wearing the color, it signals a shift in aesthetics towards a softer, more feminine vibe compared to the bold shades of Barbie pink and magenta we saw in 2023.

"I think we'll be seeing all shades of pastels like ballerina pink, all the way to deeper oranges," Eagle said, adding that this makes it more accessible to a wider audience.

Teich told BI that though Peach Fuzz is trending, it likely won't be 2024's cherry red, which was popular through all seasons last year, as most people already had existing red clothing or accessories in their closet.

How to style Peach Fuzz

"It's very muted and can definitely wash you out," Eagle said, though she added for those who have darker skin or very pale skin, it's a great option. Those with these skin tones could experiment with a monochrome peach set or pair it with deeper orange tones like apricot, she added.

Teich said those who don't fall into this category can try easing into it with accessories, but they shouldn't be too close to your face as this can wash you out. She also recommended going for a shade of peach that's richer, like Pantone's Desert Flower.

Is peach only a spring moment?

Amelia Grey wearing a peach shoulder bag and a white tank top with jeans outside a Chanel fashion show in Paris
Stylists said you can ease into the trend with peach accessories.Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images

Pastel tones like peach are usually reserved for spring, but that's not a strict rule, Teich said. "You can start introducing peach now and pair it with heavier textures and tones to keep it seasonal," she added.

Eagle said it likely will creep into mainstream fashion as we get closer to the warmer months, but for those looking to take an early dip, accessories are a great way to start.

What pairs well with peach?

Olivia Palermo wearing a blue sheer top with a pleated skirt in a matching color with peach streaks, as well as a peach belt
A stylist said pairing peach with a contrasting color can be a unique way to wear it.Daniele Venturelli / Getty Images

If you're looking to pair peach accessories with your outfit, stylists agreed that staying in the same color family with reds, pinks, and oranges is a safe way to style an elevated look.

To play it safe, Eagle suggested mixing it with other muted colors like cream, tan, or bright white.

If you want to push the boundaries, Teich suggested introducing a complementary color by utilizing the color wheel; a "minty blue" would be an unexpected but fitting choice.

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