Weather maps turn yellow as forecasters say heat is 'imminent'

New weather maps show a heat surge this weekend.
Met Office weather maps show heat surge this weekend as forecaster pinpoints date for heatwave Credit:

New maps indicate a surge in weekend temperatures as forecasters pinpoint the arrival of a potential warm spell. The UK is set to experience a rise in temperatures this weekend, according to advanced weather modelling maps that suggest a heatwave could be imminent.

The Met Office's UKV weather model indicates that temperatures will remain low in the upcoming days, unlikely to exceed a maximum of 14C tomorrow (Thursday, April 25). The south coast seems poised for the warmest weather, while elsewhere temperatures are expected to peak at around 10C to 11C.

On Friday (April 26), southern regions will likely experience a maximum of between 12C to 13C, with 10C to 11C further north. However, Saturday (April 27) sees a predicted rise in maximum possible temperatures. In the afternoon, temperatures along the south coast and in Kent could reach as high as 17C.

Southern-central regions may see temperatures of 14C. Sunday (April 28) brings another temperature increase, with warmer conditions expected more widely, reports the Mirror.

Highs of 18C could be seen in parts of East Anglia and Kent, while London, Cambridgeshire and parts of Lincolnshire might experience 17C. Most of Wales, Scotland and northern England will have cooler weather, while the Midlands and southern-central regions can anticipate highs of 15C. Northern Ireland may possibly reach 12C.

This gradual temperature rise is expected to continue into May, with potential heatwave conditions on the horizon. ExactaWeather's forecaster James Madden commented yesterday: "Beyond the late April period and into early May, we will then see any rain or unsettled conditions becoming less of a feature as temperatures start to rise significantly across our shores over at least a several-day period. This could easily see maximum temperatures reaching into the mid-to-high20Cs quite widely in the best of the developing sunshine within this period."

While there's chatter about a potential heatwave, it remains to be seen if the mercury will soar high enough to meet the official criteria. The Met Office defines a heatwave as "when a location records a period of at least three consecutive days with maximum temperatures meeting or exceeding a heatwave temperature threshold".

Each UK county has its own benchmark for a heatwave, typically ranging from 25C to 28C.