'Wedding Season': All you need to know about Disney+'s first UK original series

Wedding Season is Disney+'s first UK original series. (Disney)
Wedding Season is Disney+'s first UK original series. (Disney)

Wedding Season is a milestone for Disney+ as the streaming service's first ever UK original series.

Find out what it's about, who it stars and how you can watch it - here's all you need to know.

When is Wedding Season available to stream?

Wedding Season launched on Disney+ as part of Disney+ Day, on Thursday, 8 September.

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There are eight episodes in the series and those who aren't already Disney+ subscribers can take advantage of a special 75% discount to pay just £1.99 for a month of the streaming service, available to sign up to until 19 September.

What is Wedding Season about?

Gavin Drea plays hopeless romantic Stefan. (Disney)
Gavin Drea plays hopeless romantic Stefan. (Disney)

This is the first ever UK original series from Disney+ and it mashes up a number of different genres, spanning rom-com, action thriller and murder mystery.

Hopeless romantic Stefan meets the woman of his dreams at a mutual friend's wedding - but the only problem is, Katie is already engaged.

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After beginning an affair, the pair keep running into each other at weddings all summer, but the most dramatic is still to come when Stefan decides to crash Katie's own nuptials and declare his undying love.

That's where the series opens, but rather than it leading to a happy ending, Katie tells Stefan in no uncertain terms to leave - and at the reception dinner, rather suspiciously, her new husband and his entire family are killed by being poisoned.

Stefan and Katie become the number one suspects, leading to Stefan's arrest and Katie's disappearance, before she breaks Stefan out of custody and the pair go on the run.

It's a twist-packed series as viewers discover just who killed every one of Katie's in-laws, and why.

Who stars in Wedding Season?

Gavin Drea and Rose Salazar star. (Disney)
Gavin Drea and Rose Salazar star. (Disney)

Rosa Salazar (Brand New Cherry Flavor, Undone) and Gavin Drea (Resistance, Vikings: Valhalla) play the lead roles of Katie and Stefan.

They're joined in the cast by Jade Harrison (The Stranger), Jamie Michie (Back to Life), Callie Cooke (Cheaters), Bhav Joshi (Crime), Ioanna Kimbook (Choose or Die), Omar Baroud (Baptiste) and George Webster (Finding Alice).

Wedding Season is now available to watch on Disney+.

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