Weekly horoscope: If you belong to these star signs then this week is all about planning and communicating

Resident fortune teller Stuart Cassels.
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For many signs this week will be focused around bigger plans, communicating feelings, and making significant connections with others, says the MEN's resident fortune teller. According to Stuart Cassels, it is a week where timing is going to be extremely important.

Some signs may experience feelings of impatience at times, but should use this time wisely to observe and share their thoughts with those that they trust. Keep an eye open for the smallest of opportunities, and take action quickly.

Stuart’s tarot reading of each star sign for the week commencing from July 8 - July 14 can be read below...

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Aries: 21st March - 19th April: "For Aries, this week is all about being open to new ideas and different ways of achieving your goals. A rare opportunity to see how others think, work or live could be just the experience you need right now. If you really want to improve your own life, accept any invitations that may be offered to you, and immerse yourself in different surroundings for a short period of time.

"There will be plenty of excitement to be found among seemingly mundane activities as the week progresses. Embrace the fun, and remember to look for the lessons within the laughter."

Taurus: 20th April - 20th May: "Many Taureans will be concerned about personal relationships at the start of the week. You can sense a change is coming, and this is likely to make you feel uncomfortable. Before reacting to potential events, take time to look at the full context. It seems that all is not lost yet.

"When you see the positives that remain, you will feel more at ease, and ready to put some extra effort in. A change of scene could bring the opportunity you have been looking for."

Gemini: 21st May - 20th June: "Geminis can expect a powerful and positive start to the week. It is the perfect time to get paperwork in order, and contracts signed. You should be excited about the big things in life right now, so don’t waste your time and energy on trivial matters. Dream big and see big changes coming your way.

"When faced with a choice, consider if it is better to be greedy and say yes to both options. After all what's the point in having cake if you can’t eat it?"

Cancer : 21st June - 22nd July: "Procrastination is tempting, but will certainly be your enemy this week. The notion of putting off important tasks in favour of having fun seems like a good idea at the time, but you will regret it. Get your tasks out of the way, and there will be plenty of opportunities to have fun later in the week.

"Meanwhile, relationships seem to be improving for you, and as the week continues you will be able to better connect with people you care about. Just remember to really listen to what they have to say."

Resident fortune teller Stuart Cassels
Stuart says Cancers must bat away procrastination this week -Credit:ABNM Photography

Leo: 23rd July - 22nd August: "There seems to be plenty for Leos to look forward to this week, although it will ultimately be a whirlwind of emotions. The start of the week will see you keen to get things moving with a long term project. Others do not particularly share your enthusiasm, and this can be frustrating.

"Be patient and find something to channel your energy into whilst you wait for them to come around to your way of thinking. By the weekend you will have an opportunity to share your thoughts, and see a change in others attitudes. Meanwhile, look forward to positive changes in both your social activities and your romantic life."

Virgo: 23rd August - 22nd September: "Virgos should spend time this week looking at ways to become better organised, in preparation for bigger things that are coming. It is also a good time to accept that you can’t do everything on your own, and the time for joining forces with someone is overdue.

"Water signs, and especially Pisceans would be the perfect candidates. Look for someone who brings something new and original to the table, and not just a clone of yourself. A different point of view, from someone with a contrasting background could certainly bring you the success you are currently searching for."

Libra: 23rd September - 22nd October: "Librans should be open to accepting any genuine offers of assistance this week. Whilst you may feel reluctant in taking up someone else’s time, be assured that it will be mutually beneficial for everyone concerned.

"It seems that the other person enjoys your company and values your advice, but doesn’t know how else to approach you. Enjoy the opportunity to share time and ideas with someone else, and consider what this could lead to in the future, if it were to become a regular thing."

Scorpio: 23rd October - 21st November: "A Scorpio’s plans this week may be disrupted by outside forces, and it will be disappointing, but there is a chance to get something positive from what seems like chaos. Whilst you enjoy a good mystery, don’t get too distracted by other people's situations.

"Your problem solving skills should be focused on what is important to you and those closest to you. You may not be offered everything you desire this week, but look for the best options that lead towards stability for now.

"When it comes to romance, consider a small but thoughtful gesture, to show exactly how you feel this weekend.

Sagittarius: 22nd November - 21st December: "Sagittarians may feel the urge to explore their spiritual side this week, and consider concentrating on something other than the physical aspect of life. Whilst earthly considerations such as finances are important for most of us, you can allow yourself to experience something different - at least temporarily - and find rewards that are greater than physical possessions.

"As the week comes to a close, look at ways that you can find a happy balance between the two, and carry this knowledge forward."

Capricorn: 22nd December - 19th January: "As you plan to make changes, a search for a misplaced item may bring more than you bargained for this week. With a mixture of pleasant surprises and uncovered secrets, you can expect your curiosity to bring some long awaited answers, and many more questions.

"A single sheet of paper could bring a smile to your face, or leave you scratching your head. So be sure you are ready for what might be revealed, before you start reading."

Aquarius: 20th January -18th February: "You can look forward to a week of calm and serenity as those around you seem to be fighting amongst themselves. Observe, learn and don’t be afraid to take advantage of the situation as everyone else is busy. A Scorpio may be your best ally or worst enemy this weekend as they bring a little temptation into your life.

"Ultimately you are likely to do what suits you best, but remember - there are others to consider. Any decisions you make will have consequences."

Pisces: 19th February - 20th March: "As you reflect on the past six months, you can feel a sense of satisfaction with how far you have come, although you are aware that there is still a short journey still ahead of you. This week a small amount of luck, coupled with your determination to be remembered in a positive light will see you one step closer to your goal.

"This is not a week to take unnecessary risks, but it could certainly be the week where other’s foolish actions give you exactly what you are dreaming of. Be ready to take advantage, and don’t feel guilty for winning when someone else loses. You will have plenty of opportunity to pay it forward at a later date."