Your weekly horoscope by Sade Jackson (19 - 25 April)

Looking to the stars with Sade The Astrology Vixen  (Adrian Swancar Unsplash)
Looking to the stars with Sade The Astrology Vixen (Adrian Swancar Unsplash)

Aries: If there’s any week to manifest, it’s this one. A rare transit, unseen since last century, makes this week particularly auspicious. Consider it one filled with lucky energy, especially now that Mercury retrograde is over.

Taurus: We all know how much you love your home comforts and your routine, but the cosmic clock is urging you to reinvent yourself at a base level. Bonus points if you can take on more than just a spring clean.

Cancer: A supernova creative partnership could propel you to new creative and financial heights. Just consider who Marina Abramović would be without Ulay — or, should we say, who would Ulay be without Marina?

Gemini: Sometimes, the things you want to attract are also things that some part of you is afraid to experience. Use this week to engage in some psychic inquiry to identify the fears that need to be flushed out.

Leo: If you’ve been applying for jobs and didn’t secure the ‘dream’ one, don’t worry, something better could be on the horizon. It might not be packaged as expected, but it could change things for the better.

Virgo: Is it surprising that the things you thought were true turned out to be beliefs passed on from your family? If there have been limitations set on you, consider who created them so you can cut the chains.

Libra: Something could catapult you into power, whether it’s being chosen to speak up in the boardroom or receiving a big gig. Don’t feel like you have to rehearse; you just need to tap in to your reservoir of smarts.

Scorpio: It may feel like you and your relationships are in a strange, random spin, with either old faces looming in your DMs or new connections entering your life like a lightning bolt. Either way, be open to the unexpected.

Sagittarius: Your work sphere is being blasted open, and it can go in myriad ways. It could involve using your voice as a whistle-blower, or projects could take new, unexpected pivots, keeping you sharp on your toes.

Capricorn: If you’ve sworn off dating apps forever, a rare transit could give you some surprising online options. Remember, you’re not obliged to sit through an entire date. Switch it up, try rock climbing.

Aquarius: What does home mean for you? It should be a space to escape the rat race. Don’t underestimate how a solid foundation can boost self-esteem and set you on the path to success, whatever that looks like.

Pisces: Keep an eye on your emails this week. An unexpected opportunity could drop in. You’ll need to act quickly as it could disappear in the wind. Be sure to stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.