Welsh Rich List reveals the wealthiest people in Wales in 2024

The richest people in Wales in 2024 have been named. The Sunday Times Rich List for the year was published online today.

This revealed the five wealthiest people in Wales - who all saw their wealth grow over the past 12 months. Sir Michael Moritz and Harriet Heyman still at the top of the pile.

Cardiff-born Moritz made his money investing in Google, PayPal and YouTube at venture capital firm Sequoia. They enjoyed bumper year with their wealth rising by £1.27bn to £4.6bn.

In second place was Simon Nixon. He made his fortune by co-founding the Flintshire price comparison website, moneysupermarket.com in 1999.

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The entrepreneur has since made investments in technology firms and property. He has an estimated wealth of £1.88bn - up £55m over the year. The full Rich List is here.

Douglas Perkins and his wife Dame Mary, experienced a large increase in their fortune, which rose by £21 million this year, in line with their opticians company, Specsavers, opening its 1,000th store.

The Sunday Times Magazine reveals the largest fall in the billionaire count in the guide’s 36-year history, from a peak of 177 in 2022 to 165 this year. This year’s list of 350 individuals and families together hold combined wealth of £795.361 billion.

Robert Watts, compiler of the Sunday Times Rich List, said: “This year’s Sunday Times Rich List suggests Britain’s billionaire boom has come to an end. Many of our home-grown entrepreneurs have seen their fortunes fall and some of the global super rich who came here are moving away.

“Thousands of British livelihoods rely on the super-rich to some extent. We’ll have to wait and see whether we have now reached peak billionaire, and what that means for our economy.

“These may be harder times to create wealth, but The Sunday Times Rich List continues to unearth entrepreneurs building fortunes in diverse and often surprising ways. This year’s new entries include people who have made money from artificial intelligence and virtual worlds as well as plumbing supplies and teaching aides. We know many of our readers find such people — especially those from humbler backgrounds — very inspiring.”

Wales Rich List - Top 5



Source of Wealth

2024 Wealth



Sir Michael Moritz and Harriet Heyman

Internet: Sequoia


Up £1.27bn


Simon Nixon

Internet and property: Moneysupermarket


Up £55m


Douglas and Dame Mary Perkins and family

Opticians: Specsavers


Up £21m


Sir Terry Matthews

Telecoms: MItel


Up £7m


David Sullivan and family

Property, football and media: Conegate


Up £50m

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