Welshman's Britain's Got Talent stint sees Ant say 'get him off' and Simon Cowell brand him 'weird'

Simon Cowell on BGT
It's all bean too much for Simon -Credit:ITV

Port Talbot's Captain Beany has made a mind-boggling appearance on Britain's Got Talent where even host Ant McPartlin shouted: "Get him off," after a random routine which started with Simon Cowell being presented with beans on toast.

Captain Beany came on stage dressed in an orange superhero costume and baffled the panel and audiences straight away. The Welshman, who has beans tattooed on his head used to run Port Talbot’s top tourist attraction - Wales' only dedicated baked beans museum, which was at his own home.

Simon Cowell looked confused as soon as one of the crew planted a plate of beans on toast in front of him, then Captain Beany aka Barry Kirk, appeared, starting off a very awkward exchange.

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Simon asked: "And what's your real name?" "Captain Beany!" replied the Welsh man, who changed his name by deed poll in 1991.

Simon continued: "And when you were born, what was your name?" "I was a beansprout," said the Captain.

"Give me your first name," said an increasingly impatient Simon. "Captain!" was the answer, prompting Bruno to put his head in his hands.

Exasperated, Simon said: "no more questions, ok, good luck," before Captain Beany just ran around stage with tiny orange pompoms shouting about beans.

Simon pressed his red buzzer straight off quickly followed by his three fellow contestants. Beany then bowed while breaking wind.

Even Ant McPartlin said: "Get him off!" Bruno questions: "What was that?" With Simon responding with "that's just so weird"

The Baked Beans Museum of Excellence opened in January 2009 and has entertained over 1,200 visitors since. Captain Beany and his exhibit have become extremely popular and endeared people near and far, becoming the number one tourist attraction in Port Talbot on Tripadvisor, but he sadly announced last year the museum was closing and you can read more about that here.

Recently, Captain Beany made an appearance on Channel 4's Joe & Katherine's Bargain Holidays, which sees TV comedians Joe Wilkinson and Katherine Ryan go on bargain holidays around the UK and Europe.

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