I went to the new 'ultimate' gaming bar in Solihull but things didn't really go to plan

A new gaming bar has come to Solihull and is opening to the public tomorrow (Friday). Spinners is a venue where you can play traditional games such as darts, bowling and clay pigeon shooting but with an interactive twist.

I was invited to Spinners at Touchwood Shopping Centre ahead of the opening to get a first look and see if it's worth going. I'm competitive when playing games - fully involved and I need to make sure I win. That was my aim when I got there, but things didn't really go to plan.

I asked a friend to come try out Spinners with me but if I had known I was going to lose against him at almost all games, I would've probably asked someone else... We got there around 6pm and the first thing I noticed as soon as we walked in was the buzzing atmosphere. People were clearly enjoying themselves. You can choose from a variety of games to play, from crazy golf and electric darts to clay shooting and bowling.

I decided I wanted to start with clay shooting so a lovely staff member showed us how to play. You can choose from a range of games on an interactive screen and after the first round I realised how much of a disaster I was. Clay shooting? Not for me. I was slightly better at crazy golf, maybe because of the practice I had during an awful date I once had at Ghetto Golf in Digbeth.

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By scanning the barcode at reception you can digitally keep your score for crazy golf, which is handy! I did end up losing at this game too and I was not happy. My friend said he thinks I'm a sore loser, and I think I probably am. There's nothing wrong with that - it just means I play with passion.

The competitive side of me definitely came out at Spinners, so I'd say it's a great place to go with your mates and have a laugh. The idea behind it is to bring 'countryside pursuits indoors', making it fun no matter the weather. You can also buy food and drinks while there. They specialise in Artisan pizzas and cocktails.

The new venue is family friendly during the daytimes, welcoming under 18s before 6pm. Then, after 6pm, it will switch to adults only until late in the evening, allowing a 'relaxed space' for people to unwind into the evening. For all the people like me that love to take nice pictures, Spinners is also very instagrammable.

This venue is the UK’s third Spinners, and is located at Touchwood Shopping Centre in Solihull, next to Cineworld. It will open to the public tomorrow, July 12. Visit spinnersuk.com/solihull for more information.

Disclaimer - Spinners invited me to a press event before the official opening of the venue, and the games I played were free of charge. However, the opinion above is solely my own.