'I went to all Wetherspoons in my city centre to see which would be best'

The White Lady
-Credit: (Image: jdwetherspoon)

A man has paid a visit to almost every Wetherspoon pub in Edinburgh to see which was the best.

Heading on a solo pub crawl around the city of Edinburgh, Reddit user Top_Juice7860 was determined to figure out which of discount boozers offered the best experience. He headed to six branches of the chain in one day to reveal the best of the bunch.

The beer enthusiast headed to The White Lady, Caley Picture House, The Alexander Graham Bell, The Standing Order, The Booking Office and The Playfair

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However fellow fans of the franchise noticed he missed off one pub from the list as the original poster admitted he had had plenty to drink and could not find the final venue, the Foot of the Walk.

He wrote back, saying: "I was already 7 pints down and tried walking to Foot Of The Walk after Playfair and got completely lost. Next time I will go Foot Of The Walk and also that one in Musslebrugh."

One user replied saying: "You can totally skip that one." Meanwhile another chimed in: "Fantastic! You've made me jealous and made me miss living in Edinburgh!"

Caley Pic House
The Caley Picture House is one of Edinburgh's most striking 'Spoons (file) -Credit:Latchford family / SWNS

Meanwhile the user revealed his favourite spot of the bunch was either The White Lady or The Alexander Graham Bell. Other users praised the "nice looking pints" served at each establishment.

There are eight Wetherspoon pubs in Edinburgh in total, with the The Sir Walter Scott at Edinburgh Airport having not made the cut for this man's pub crawl. Nearby Musselburgh boasts just one branch, the The David MacBeth Moir.

Livingstone in West Lothian also has just one 'Spoons, the The NewYearField. Edinburgh and the Lothians boast plenty of other pubs, and Auld Reekie is one of the UK's top holiday destinations.

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