'We're in It!': Debris Swirls Around Car as Deadly Tornado Strikes North Texas

A woman in Valley View, Texas, captured video of debris swirling around her car as a deadly EF-2 tornado hit the town on Saturday, May 25.

Valenia Gill recorded the moment, which shows strong winds and debris flying outside her windshield.

“S*** is flying everywhere,” a voice in the background says. “My ears are popping.”

After the storm passes, she mentions in the video that her car’s side-view mirror broke.

The National Weather Service (NWS) confirmed an EF-2 tornado hit Cooke County.

At least 25 people were killed in Texas due to the storms this weekend, according to local reports, including at least seven in the Valley View area.

Severe storms continued to lash the region, and nearly 800,000 Texas customers were without power as of Tuesday morning, according to outage trackers. Credit: Valenia Gill via Storyful

Video transcript


Look at it.

My ears are popping.

My ears are popping too fresh or what do I do?

Look at the sides shaking.

Oh my God.

We're right in the middle of the tornado.


What do I do?

The car is shaking.

All my ears are mopping this car.

We're in it, we're in it.

I can't do anything.

Top of your head, cover your head.

It's got my car.

I know.

Oh, we're still shaking.

Ears are popping.

Ok. Ok. A day.

I don't wanna go anywhere yet.

I'm shaking.

Car is still shaking.

Stuff's still flying.

Nobody's behind us.

Got my mirror and broke my mirror.

My mirrors broke right there.

So look over there.

But we were above the bridge.

I, I can't tell my n oh, it's just now.

Oh, there's a power line down there.

There's a power line.

Is that person going?

We're at 35 in Farm road 3002, 35 South.

It is 1045.