‘We were only ones there wearing masks’: Rhod Gilbert’s wife Sian Harries describes ‘rammed’ A&E visit

Rhod Gilbert’s wife, writer and performer Sian Harries, spoke this week about the couple’s troubling visit to A&E.

Gilbert announced in July that he was being treated for cancer, and that he would be “disappearing for a while” to focus on his health.

He recently shared an update, disclosing that the cancer was stage four and that he was “feeling good” about his recovery.

Harries did not reveal the reason for the couple’s visit, but responded to concerned fans who asked if she and Rhod were well.

In the full tweet posted on Wednesday 28 December, Harries wrote: “A&E absolutely rammed with people with hacking coughs, we were only ones there wearing masks.”

On 15 December, Gilbert posted a message to fans on Facebook: “Huge thanks to everyone who has been in touch; reading all your messages of support has been a welcome distraction and given me a real lift.

“There has been a lot of stuff in the press recently, so I thought I would clear up any confusion; my cancer diagnosis happened earlier this year (it’s not a new development).

“I have since had surgery, radiotherapy and chemo at Velindre Cancer Centre and UHW, Cardiff.”

Gilbert recently assured fans he was ‘making plans for 2023’ despite illness (PA Ready)
Gilbert recently assured fans he was ‘making plans for 2023’ despite illness (PA Ready)

He continued: “Thanks to their tireless dedication and incredible care, and lots of wonderful support from friends, family and you lot. I am recovering well, laughing a lot and feeling happy and positive; we are all optimistic that I will come through this.”

Gilbert revealed that he is anticipating the new year and hopes to return to live shows when possible. He told fans to “watch this space” and assured them that he was “making plans for 2023”.

“There have been a lot of laughs in odd places, so I am not going to be short of material,” he wrote.

Earlier this month, Gilbert gave an interview with BBC Radio Wales, detailing some of the early symptoms he experienced.

“I had a terribly sore throat, tightness through my neck,” he said. “I was having to cancel shows because I couldn’t breathe.

“I was having all sorts of problems and we couldn’t get to the bottom of it.

“It turns out I’ve got stage four cancer,” Gilbert said. “I also caught Covid on that walk as well. I came home with cancer and Covid from a Velindre fundraising trek… the irony of that! I went as a Velindre patron and came home as a patient.”