Wes Moore ‘excited’ about possibilities for Maryland under second Biden term

Maryland Gov. Wes Moore (D) reupped his support for President Biden’s reelection campaign Friday in the wake of Biden’s poor debate performance this week.

“Not only do I know that he will be able to serve another 4 years … I’m excited about what we can actually get done as a state if I have a chance to continue partnering with the president for the next 4 years,” Moore said in an interview Friday evening with NewsNation’s Chris Cuomo.

The Democratic governor boasted a slew of accomplishments he has achieved for the state since stepping into the governor role — including lowered unemployment and homicide rates — and attributed the success, in part, to the Biden administration.

“Now the homicide rate in Baltimore — the last time it was this low, I was not born yet,” he explained to Cuomo. “The reason I bring that up is we’re doing it in partnership with President Biden and the Biden-Harris administration.”

The president made a visit to Baltimore closely following the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, pledging to “move heaven and earth” to rebuild the bridge and critical port. He called on Congress to grant 100-percent cost share and foot the bill for the state.

Moore did concede that the incumbent’s performance was lackluster but emphasized that Americans should look at Biden’s track record as president compared to former President Trump’s time in office.

“He didn’t have a great night and I think that anyone who would argue that he did is not telling you the truth,” he said, as concerns rise within the party. “Really what’s contrasted is the fact that Donald Trump did not have a great presidency.”

He dodged a question on whether or not he would be willing to serve as a replacement candidate if Biden chose to step down and rejected an open Democratic field going into the Democratic National Convention.

“The president’s not going to step away,” Moore stated, “and I encourage him to not even consider it.”

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