Wes Nelson's sweet tribute to record-holding pro-footballer brother Curtis Nelson

Wes Nelson with brother Curtis Nelson -Credit:Instagram
Wes Nelson with brother Curtis Nelson -Credit:Instagram

Former Love Island star Wes Nelson has paid tribute to his record-holding professional footballer brother after promotion success. The 26-year-old was full of praise for his older sibling Curtis Nelson, 30, for achieving a huge record at Derby County.

Former Clayton Hall College student Wes shared a post from Derby County which read: "Playing 4,140 minutes in Sky Bet League One, Curtis Nelson did not miss a second of our promotion-winning campaign."

Wes added: "This is mental. The only outfield player in the league to play ever second of every game. From the start all the way to promotion. My big brother."

The brothers both grew up in Newcastle-under-Lyme where their family still live. They share a love of sport with Wes previously playing for Newcastle Town as a teenager and then coming out on top on ITV's The Games which saw celebrities compete in different Olympic-style challenges. Meanwhile, Curtis was in the academy at Stoke City before moving to Plymouth Argyle where he became captain. He has played at a number of clubs and is currently at Derby County.

But the Nelsons' sporting genes don't stop there as Wes and Curtis' cousins Ashleigh and Alex Nelson, from Birches Head, are both Olympic sprinters, with a string of winning medals.

Wes - a millionaire by the age of 21 - has instead chosen to concentrate on his music career and has recently released a single with Craig David. But last month the star was forced to postpone his upcoming music tour.

The TV hunk turned hitmaker had planned to hit the road before the summer to perform for his fans but has since moved the tour dates until this November. Wes confirmed the news in an Instagram story where he apologised to fans for the sudden change but admitted it was all for a good reason.

The Say Nothing singer told his followers that he had landed an incredibly exciting new deal with Sony that would see him have his own record label, Foot Down Records, launched as an imprint under the Sony umbrella. It will see him release his music under his own company while still being backed by industry giant Sony Music Entertainment.

As part of the deal, Wes, who rose to fame on Love Island in 2018, will be recording and releasing new tracks and he has chosen to delay his tour in order to be able to perform the new hits on the road.

Addressing his decision, the star said: "I'm really excited about my new venture with Sony and launching my own record label Foot Down Records. However, because we've just started that, the idea was to get brand new music out for tour so we are going to have to move the tour back."

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