West London dad 'attacked by London bus mechanic' in spat over Hayes bus stop as investigation launched

A West London dad has suffered a broken finger as he claimed he was attacked by a bus mechanic. This came amid an ongoing spat between residents and Transport for London over the use of a bus stop in Hayes for driver changeovers.

Danny Bhambra and his family were returning from a wedding on April 7 when they spotted two buses parked at the stop opposite their home. Due to its location near the Hayes depot, bus drivers have used the stop near Lake Farm Country Park to switch drivers and for minor repairs.

Residents say this regularly caused congestion on the narrow road, so they campaigned for it to be only used to switch drivers to limit the effect of this. After Danny and his son saw the mechanic in the bus outside their home, they took out their phones to film him for personal evidence. Transport UK has since told MyLondon that no repairs were being made on the bus, as a driver change was taking place.

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Danny suffered a fractured finger
Danny suffered a fractured finger -Credit:Supplied

Upon seeing this the mechanic stormed across the road towards Danny and his son. A video of the incident shows the mechanic saying "did I give you permission to take my picture," as he made his way towards them.

In response, Danny said "you can't touch him, he can film what he likes" as he stepped in to protect his son. An argument then broke out as the mechanic continued to vent his frustration towards the family.

Danny, who works in Heathrow Airport as a Field Operations Duty Manager, claims the mechanic then snatched both his and his son's phones away and refused to give them back. "I was really worked up at this point," Danny told MyLondon.

"My son had every right to film it. While I was then talking to him he grabbed me by the neck and pushed me back. I then went towards him and then I got a fracture on my finger, it’s still bruised up.

"After this, my wife and neighbours pulled me to one side so I would calm down but he was still going on about it. I went inside and put my hand in ice, it lasted about six minutes."

Danny claims there have been issues all along his road with buses and drivers ever since the depot opened in 2022. Residents also campaigned to have yellow lines installed due to bus drivers using the street to park their cars before shifts.

He added: "We’ve lived here for more than 20 years but it’s gotten out of control now. The mechanic had no reason to jump out of his bus and come across the road like that. I’m in a lot of pain with my finger. I feel drained that it’s gone this far, not enough has been done about this up until now.

"I feel disappointed. I’ve been left with a fractured and bruised finger. I’m upset that my teenage son had to go through that. I feel for my son who had to witness that and go through it. He’s never seen me behave like that, it’s not in my nature."

Following this Danny claims he was told by Transport UK, the company in charge of running the buses, that the bus mechanic has been suspended. When approached by MyLondon, Transport UK said it would not respond to this claim while an investigation is ongoing.

A spokesperson added: "We are aware of an alleged incident on April 7 and are fully investigating the matter, before taking any appropriate action. Our investigation will review extensive interior and exterior CCTV footage to fully understand the interaction between all involved. We do not condone violence or intimidation of any sort by or against our staff.

"Our new depot opened in 2022, but this low-frequency bus route and stop have been in operation for many years, providing essential services between Heathrow Airport and the Hayes & Harlington rail station. The stop is an approved TfL changeover point; it is not used for mechanical work. On April 7, it was being used to swap buses."

Transport for London has been approached for a comment.

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