West Lothian teen has been selected to box for Scotland after training for just four years

A West Lothian teen has been selected to box for Scotland in Hungary after training for just four years.

Kara Young, 14, from Broxburn, started boxing when she was 10-years-old after developing a passion for the sport just before Covid-19. She is now set to take part in the 73rd Georgely Bornemissza Memorial International Boxing Tournament between May 12 and May 18, 2024 and represent Scotland.

Keith Young, Kara’s dad, says he is “bursting with pride” over his daughters determination and even built her a gym in their garden so she could pursue her dream. The courageous teen said her “ultimate dream” is to compete in the Olympics and that she will do whatever it takes to get there.

Keith’s partner, who was speaking on his behalf, said that they both didn’t expect the situation to have moved so quickly and that she is such a “dedicated young girl”.

She said: “Kara started boxing when she was 10 and then it all kind of built from there. Just before Covid-19, she got a real passion for it and wouldn’t stop boxing in the garden, you couldn’t get her away from it.

“She found out three weeks ago that she had been selected to box for Scotland, which is just so amazing. She’s been told that she’s going to Hungary which is a great opportunity for her, especially since she has only been doing it for four years.

“Her dad is just so proud of her, he’s honestly bursting with pride. She is such a dedicated young girl who just wants to meet her ultimate goal which is competing in the Olympics and continue to show people that woman can do boxing.

“Keith honestly does anything he can for her to get her where she wants to be and even built a gym for her outside so she could keep practising.

“Her coaches too have always been great. They really built her confidence and were always there for a pep talk. She has always had her cheerleaders by her side”.

Kara said she is “so excited” because she has always wanted to compete for Scotland abroad. She thanked her coaches Andy and Ricky at Broxburn Boxing Club for all of the help they have offered her over the years.

She said: “I actually did Taekwondo when I was three and I got the red belt there. It’s wasn’t a full contact sport and I was always getting points deducted for hitting hard. My cousin went to the club and asked me if I wanted to go as well and on my very first night, Andy, my coach, was really impressed and asked my dad if I could move up to the adult’s class. They would offer me fights, and I wasn’t too scared to take them. I would take any fight.

“I am so excited and it was amazing to hear that I had made it the Scotland team. I can’t wait”.

Broxburn Boxing Club also took to social media to express their pride for Kara and wrote: “We are extremely proud to announce that Kara Young has been selected to box for Scotland in the prestigious 73rd Gergely Bornemissza Memorial International Boxing Tournament, Eger, Hungary between May 12 and May 18, 2024.

“This is a fantastic honour for Kara, her family and the club and it goes without saying how tremendously proud we are with Kara’s international selection.”

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