West Terre Haute police say officer shot, killed aggressive dog

May 1—A West Terre Haute police officer shot and killed an aggressive dog Tuesday, according to the police department.

In a notice posted to social media, WTHPD said sergeants Ryan Martin and Greg Davis were patrolling together when they were notified of reports of aggressive dogs near the West Vigo Community Center.

One caller told police dogs were chasing children when they would get off the school bus. That caller also reported this was an ongoing issue, according to police.

The two officers arrived at Johnson Avenue and Arthur Place and were met by people who pointed to two loose dogs, police said.

These bystanders said the two dogs were the ones chasing children and trying to bite them. Police said Martin stayed with the bystanders while Davis approached the dogs, one a small black Chihuahua and the other a tan mid-sized dog.

Police said the small dog approached Davis in a non-aggressive manner, and Davis reached down to pet it. When he reached down, the mid-sized dog lunged and barked at him.

Police said Davis then called that dog to him, and it started to come. When he offered his hand for the dog to sniff, it began barking and lunging at him.

Police said attempts to shoo the dog away and then to kick the dog away did not deter the dog, and it continued to lunge and snap at the officer. Davis then drew his pistol and fired one shot, striking and killing the dog, according to police.

The owner was notified, and the dog's body was collected in an ordinance officer's truck and removed, police said. Sugar Creek Fire Department came to wash down the scene.

Police said a neighbor reported a continuing problem with the two dogs, and a juvenile told police the dogs had attempted to bite him about two hours earlier.

The shooting was recorded on a dashboard camera.