West Worcestershire general election candidates 2024

The West Worcestershire constituency is a safe seat for the Conservatives.
-Credit: (Image: SWNS)

The UK General Election is just a couple of weeks away, with all 650 parliamentary seats across the country up for grabs. Over the next few weeks, Labour and the Tories will be making their final pitches to voters ahead of polling day on July 4.

The state of the NHS, immigration, the environment and the cost of living are issues high on the political agenda this election cycle. According to IPSOS polling, Labour lead the tories by 20 points - but the seat of West Worcestershire is considered a safe one for the Tories who have never lost an election in the area.

The constituency is home to around 92,000 people and 74,000 eligible voters, the majority of whom live in the Malvern Hills District Council area. There are six candidates standing for election in West Worcestershire.

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Who is the Conservative candidate for West Worcestershire?

The Conservative candidate for West Worcestershire is Dame Harriett Baldwin who has been an MP for the area since 2010. Ms Baldwin is the serving minister of state for Africa and international development.

She has been elected by an increased number of voters at every General Election since 2010. She said the general election on July 4 was about 'securing our future as a nation.'

Harriett Baldwin has been an MP for West Worcestershire since 2010.
Harriett Baldwin has been an MP for West Worcestershire since 2010. -Credit:Getty Images

Who is the Labour candidate for West Worcestershire?

The Labour candidate for West Worcestershire is Kashif Haroon who is being parachuted in from London to contest the seat. Haroon is the cabinet member for public realm & climate change at the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham council.

Labour has performed poorly in the seat for years, coming in third place five of the past six elections in the area.

Who else is standing in West Worcestershire?

The Liberal Democrats and Reform UK will be hoping to capitalise on the Tories' poor position in the polls. According to a recent poll, Nigel Farage’s decision to stand as a candidate in the general election has given his party a three point boost.

Here is a full list of candidates standing to be an MP in West Worcestershire.

  • Harriett Baldwin - Conservative

  • Dan Boatright-Greene - Liberal Democrats

  • Christopher Edmondson - Reform UK

  • Kashif Haroon - Labour

  • Natalie McVey - Green Party

  • Seonaid Dawn Barber - Party of Women

Who won West Worcestershire in 2019?

The Conservatives comfortably retained the seat of West Worcestershire in 2019. Harriett Baldwin won 34,909 votes and secured a 24,000-strong majority. The Liberal Democrats placed second with 10,410 votes - with Labour trailing in third with 9,496 votes. Turnout for the vote was 57,530.