West Yorkshire Mayoral election results for 2024 in full

People have been placing their votes across West Yorkshire
People have been placing their votes across West Yorkshire -Credit:Rui Vieira/PA Wire

Across West Yorkshire, voters have been turning out to select their next West Yorkshire Mayor.

After a four-year term following the 2021 election, Tracy Brabin has spent the past term as Mayor of West Yorkshire and is seeking re-election for a second term.

Other candidates are standing against her such as Conservative candidate Arnold Craven, Yorkshire Party candidate Bob Buxton, Green Party candidate Andrew Cooper, Liberal Democrat candidate Stewart Golton and Independent candidate Jonathan Tilt.

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Now, with the voting all done, its time for the results to be counted. Here are the results of the West Yorkshire Mayoral Election in full.

Tracy Lynn Brabin - Labour and Co-operative Party Bob Buxton - Yorkshire Party Andrew Varah Cooper - Green Party Arnold Eric Craven - Conservative Party Stewart Golton - Liberal Democrats Jonathan Richard TIlt - Independent