Western Diplomats Approached by Russian Police After Paying Tribute to Navalny

Diplomats from Germany, Poland, and Norway were approached by police after laying flowers at the Solovetsky Stone in St Petersburg on Friday, March 1, in remembrance of Alexei Navalny on the day of his funeral.

Footage by SOTA shows the consuls approaching the Solovetsky Stone, a monument to the victims of political repression in the Soviet Union.

The three diplomats were then confronted by police officers.

SOTA said the consuls were told their actions constituted an “unsanctioned event” and that they were asked to leave the area.

Storyful has not translated the Russian spoken in the video.

The Solovetsky Stone in St Petersburg has been used to pay tribute to Navalny since his death in detention on February 16. A similar monument in Moscow was also attracting his supporters, SOTA said. Credit: SOTA/Matvei Makeychik via Storyful