Wetherspoons' red plate 'mystery' explained

Wetherspoon External Shop Signage
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Wetherspoons enthusiasts were left scratching their heads after a social media post highlighted the discovery of an unusual item at the beloved pub chain.

Known for its distinctive blue floral-patterned plates, Wetherspoons has become a staple in the UK's hospitality scene.

Yet, a recent Reddit post on the r/mildlyinteresting subreddit drew attention to the apparently rarely seen red variant of the iconic plate.

OK - so it's not the biggest issue the country is dealing with at the moment, but we think there is room for a little silliness in these challenging times.

So, back to Reddit. A patron shared a photo of the rare find, captioning it: "My BF got a red plate in Wetherspoons."

They continued: "Spoons plates are always blue, never seen a red one before.", reports the Express.

This customer wasn't alone in this experience; others also claimed to have been served with a red plate in the past.

The revelation sparked surprise among users, with one commenting: "YOU GOT THE RED PLATE! ".

Another added their two pence, saying: "If you get the red plate in 'Spoons, take it to the bar after and you get a free drink'."

Even a former Wetherspoons worker weighed in, noting they had never come across a red plate during their time with the company, underscoring the rarity of such an occurrence.

Meanwhile, another commenter humorously suggested: "I think you've accidentally wandered into an alternative dimension."

However, the mystery was eventually solved when Wetherspoons cleared the air regarding the peculiar plates.

Speaking to Fabulous, they explained: "Wetherspoon did trial a red plate in a small number of pubs for use for children's meals, to ensure all children's meals were served on a cold plate. The company has moved on since then and just launched a melamine plate for the whole children's menu which is in line with the design of the children's menu.

"But there will be stock of the old red plate in circulation, until they break. No plan to change from the standard blue patterned plate any time soon. ".