Wetherspoons red plate mystery has been solved

Some Wetherspoons customers have been left baffled after being served their meals on these unusual red plates
-Credit: (Image: Reddit)

Some Wetherspoons customers have been left baffled after being served their meals on red plates, instead of the pub chain's customary blue crockery - but it seems the mystery has finally been solved.

When you step into a 'Spoons pub, you usually know exactly what to expect - including its popular budget-friendly beer-and-curry nights. But occasionally, customers are left surprised by something they're not expecting - their food served to them on a bold red plate.

This is out of the ordinary for patrons who are more accustomated to the classic blue dishes - so much so, that it has sparked a great deal of discussion on social media platforms, like Reddit, the Mirror has reported.

It all started when one perplexed punter shared a picture in the r/mildlyinteresting subreddit along with the comment: "My BF got a red plate in Wetherspoons."

The post led to a flurry of speculation among fellow Reddit users. One joked: "If you get the red plate in Spoons, take it to the bar and you get a free drink."

Another joined the conversation with a string of red klaxon emojis stating, "YOU GOT THE RED PLATE.", and a third confessed they had "Never seen a red one before."

This riddle of the red plate has been a recurring topic of numerous discussions over time. In another thread, a Reddit user claimed that "Red plates definitely existed at one point. Uncommon but they were in some pubs."

Another shared an image of the uncommon red dish, probing fellow Wetherspoon's enthusiasts: "Any of you ever seen a red spoons plate? Never saw one while I was working there."

One person responded, "I think you've accidentally wandered into an alternative dimension."

A curious customer asked: "Are you their millionth customer?", while someone else contributed: "You found a shiny".

However, the mystery was eventually solved by the Daily Star, when a Wetherspoons spokesperson explained: "Wetherspoon did trial a red plate in a small number of pubs for use for children's meals, to ensure all children's meals were served on a cold plate."

Since then, the company has moved forward and just launched a melamine plate for the entire children's menu, which matches the design of the children's menu.

However, the spokesperson clarified: "But there will still be the odd red plate floating around until they finally break. No plans to shift from the standard blue patterned plate any time soon."