What is National Nail Tech Price Increase Day and what does it mean for your manicure?

A nail file being used to tidy up a nail and remove cuticles during a manicure procedure.
The price of getting your nails done could go up this week as part of a campaign by nail technicians. (Stock image: Getty)

Thousands of nail technicians are set to put their prices up this week as part of a national campaign to ensure they earn less than the minimum wage.

National Nail Tech Price Increase Day is taking place on Monday and sees technicians and salons across the country have agreed to raise the amount they charge in order to cover growing costs.

The campaign has been organised by The Nail Tech Org, which says its data suggests the average nail technician earns less than £7-an-hour – while the minimum wage is £11.44 an hour.

The cost of having your nails done can vary, depending on where you are in the country and what treatment you are having, but it is believed that prices could increase by up to 50% in order to ensure salons and technicians aren't charging less than they are paying out in various costs.

The idea to put prices up across the country on the same day is in a bid to normalise higher prices and raise awareness, organisers have said.

Here, Yahoo News UK looks at what National Nail Tech Price Increase Day is and what it means:-

What is National Nail Tech Price Increase Day?

National Nail Tech Price Increase Day will take place on Monday, 8 April, when thousands of nail technicians across the country have agreed to collectively raise their prices.

It has been organised by The Nail Tech Org, which said research gathered from its members had revealed that many are only earning around £7 an hour after deducting all the costs they need to pay out.

In an Instagram post, it said: "We gathered insights & data from our NTO members over the last few weeks to gain a snapshot into the financial world of nail techs…& we couldn’t believe what we found. After being shocked by some of the stats we found, we realised change needed to happen & in support of our National Nail Tech Price Increase Day we’re ready to do just that!!

"Join us, and hundreds of other nail techs from across the industry, as we come together to support each other in educating ourselves on the costs of running a nail tech business and empower each other to raise them appropriately."

In another post, it added: "We already know that pricing is a huge issue within our industry, but the only way that we are going to tackle this, is to do what we do best… to do it together."

Inviting members to take part in the Price Increase Day on Monday, it said: "Our studies have found a lot of nail techs are working for less than minimum wage. We have created this day, so nail techs feel empowered and supported and come together to raise our prices (if needed) correctly at the same time, we create a new normal.

"A normal that pays us a fair wage for the work that we do and the services that we provide. This isn’t just a campaign; it’s a movement towards empowering nail technicians like yourself to run not just a successful, but also a sustainable business!"

What is a nail technician?

Nail technicians are trained to carry out various treatments for nails, from applying different kinds of polishes and extensions to repairing and removing extensions, nails and polish.

Training and what different nail techs do can vary from place to place, but can require education on: how to apply and remove different polishes; nail artistry; sanitisation and hygiene practices; health and safety; nail anatomy and physiology and nail diseases and disorders.

According to the government careers website, the average annual salary for a nail technician can range from £15,500 for a starter to £22,000 for an experienced nail technician. But many suggest they actually earn less than minimum wage by the time they have paid out all the associated costs involved in doing their job.

Who is supporting National Nail Tech Price Increase Day?

The campaign has received support from nail technicians across the country, with many saying they will join in the price increase day, as well as explaining to their clients why they are taking the step.

One said they charge £40 for the application of gel nails but gets complaints that she is too expensive, while another said she had been absorbing rising costs but could no longer afford to do so.

Another said: "It's typically one of our least profitable treatments".

As well as urging nail technicians to join its campaign, The Nail Tech Org has produced a free pricing course for its members, which includes a current income calculator, pricing calculator and two masterclasses in a bid to help them initiate their own price rises.

Photo with copy space of a manicurist polishing the nails of a client
Photo with copy space of a manicurist polishing the nails of a client

What other changes have happened around employment this week?

The campaign around nail technicians comes amid other changes in the world of work based on employment.

Three major new laws came into effect on Saturday – all revolving around employees' rights in the workplace.

They changed how employers deal with flexible working, unpaid leave for staff who are carers and redundancy during pregnancy.

For flexible working, the change in the law means you have the right to ask if you can work flexibly from the first day of your employment, rather than only when you have worked for your employer for 26 weeks or more.

In addition, under the Carer’s Leave Act, which came into force on Saturday, employees who are carers can take up to a week of unpaid leave every 12 months – equating to five days for most people.

Workplace protection for pregnant women has now been extended as of Saturday too, as part of the Protection from Redundancy (Pregnancy and Family Leave) Act 2023.

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