What the weather will be like near you this week

More than 40 flood warnings have been issued in parts of the UK, while other areas are expecting snow and ice.

Vehicles driving through service water on a flooded part of the A37 near Bristol. Picture date: Monday December 4, 2023. (Photo by Ben Birchall/PA Images via Getty Images)
A driver travels through a partially flooded part of the A37 near Bristol. (Getty Images)

More than 40 flood warnings have been issued across the UK, while other parts of the country have been told to expect snow and icy conditions on the roads.

The Met Office has issued yellow weather warnings for rain in the north-east of England and a large chunk of the south-west, with a chance of travel disruption and some homes and businesses being flooded.

Meanwhile a separate yellow warning for ice has been imposed on north-east Scotland, with people being told to beware of icy patches on roads and "injuries from slips and falls on icy surfaces".

Separately, the Environment Agency has issued 44 flood warnings, mainly in Dorset and Somerset, and a section of the West Midlands surrounding Birmingham.

Flooding blocked the railway line between Taunton and Westbury on Monday, affecting Great Western Railway (GWR) and CrossCountry services, while GWR trains to London were diverted via Bristol, extending journey times by up to two hours.

Elsewhere in the country, after another night of sub-zero temperatures, drivers were warned they face “very treacherous icy conditions” on Monday in the eastern side of Scotland, high ground in Wales and the Peak District.

Some 800 properties in Cumbria, primarily in South Lakeland, were still without power following heavy snow in the county over the weekend, according to Electricity North West.

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Yahoo News UK looks at what the weather will be like in your region this week, according to the Met Office forecast.


  • Monday

Staying damp this evening and overnight with further rain and drizzle and the odd spot of snow over higher ground. Icy stretches in some areas with poor visibility over hills. Feeling cold especially in the breeze. Minimum temperature 0C.

  • Tuesday to Friday

Conditions are set to turn drier and brighter after a showery start to Tuesday, with sunny intervals, and slightly milder but still quite cold winds and maximum temperatures of 6C.

Going into Wednesday the frosty patches and freezing fog is expected to clear, with milder, wetter and windier weather setting in towards the end of the week.


  • Monday

Further showers in places this evening and overnight, especially in eastern counties. Clearer spells are possible, mainly in the west. Feeling chilly, but generally windy and therefore staying frost free. Minimum temperature 3C.

  • Tuesday to Friday

Tuesday morning will see occasional showers, turning heavy locally at times, before sunny spells gradually break through the clouds, especially in the west. Winds will ease but it will still feel chilly, with maximum temperatures of 8C.

Patchy frost and fog clearing on Wednesday will leave some room for sunshine. Rain, sometimes heavy, is then gradually set to arrive from the southwest. The end of the week will generally see milder, wetter and much windier weather.


  • Monday

A damp, cloudy and rainy Monday evening is in store for both the East and West Midlands, with the possibility of snow falling over hills. Conditions could turn ice and quite foggy over higher ground with minimum temperatures of 0C.

  • Tuesday to Friday

Rain is set to gradually ease going into Tuesday afternoon. Easing winds will feel less harsh, but still cold, with maximum temperatures of 8C in the East Midlands and 6C in the West.

After a cold start to Wednesday, early frost and fog is set to clear, making way for milder, wetter and windier conditions.


  • Monday

Rain will become persistent and at times heavy overnight, potentially bringing some disruption, with some snow also possible on hills before temperatures rally. Brisk northeasterly winds only very gradually easing. Minimum temperature -1C.

  • Tuesday to Friday

Rain and sleet are set to gradually edge southwards on Wednesday, allowing for a brighter afternoon with lighter showers and easing winds, with maximum temperatures of 8C. Expect frost and ice overnight.

Wednesday morning will feel cold and crisp with fog but will gradually become warmer through the week, but with wet and windy weather from the southwest and some snow expected on hilly terrain.

Snow in Winnats Pass, Castleton, Derbyshire. Drivers have been warned they face
Snow in Winnats Pass, Castleton, Derbyshire, on Monday as drivers were warned they face "very treacherous icy conditions" in parts of the UK. (Alamy)

London and the South-East

  • Monday

A cold, damp, cloudy Monday night, with periods of rain and perhaps some sleet on hills. This rain is probably heaviest and most persistent in the west before generally easing later. Moderate winds and minimum temperatures of 3C.

  • Tuesday to Thursday

The region's cold and cloudy spell will ease from Tuesday, with downpours becoming lighter and less frequent. Temperatures are set to edge as high as 7C as winds start to ease.

Expect milder but wetter and windier conditions going further into the week.


  • Monday

A cold night for most in Scotland with minimum temperatures of -3C in the Highlands and -1C in central Scotland. A risk of icy surfaces in some areas and a cold night with frost.

  • Tuesday to Friday

A cloudy start to Tuesday in many areas of Scotland will ease up, making way for a sunny afternoon with a few scattered showers, particularly around coastal areas. Outbreaks of rain in some parts going further into the week, but still generally mild.

Northern Ireland

  • Monday

Any showers will soon die out to give a dry evening and night for most with clear skies. However, outbreaks of rain are likely across the coast of County Down overnight. Minimum temperatures of 2C.

  • Tuesday to Friday

A cloudy start to Tuesday in the southeast with some showery rain, but dry and sunny elsewhere. Conditions will still be cold, with maximum temperatures of 5C.

Cloud and strengthening winds are due to spread north on Wednesday, bringing rain, before a milder and windy Thursday and further outbreaks of rain on Friday.


  • Monday

Staying damp on Monday and overnight with further rain and drizzle and some snow over higher ground. Icy patches possible in some areas with poor visibility over hills. Feeling cold, with minimum temperatures of 0C.

  • Tuesday to Friday

Tuesday will turn brighter and drier after a showery start to the morning, but showers are still possible along the western coasts. Maximum temperatures of 7C.

Frost and patchy freezing fog are due to clear early Wednesday, with rain by the afternoon and potential snow on the highest hills. Generally turning milder, wetter and windier as the week goes on.