WhatsApp makes subtle app change that leaves users 'irritated' and 'freaking out'

WhatsApp mobile app displayed on phone with WhatsApp on screen in this photo illustration. On 26 January 2023 in Brussels, Belgium
Some WhatsApp users were quick to notice the change, while others remained oblivious -Credit:NurPhoto via Getty Images)

WhatsApp aficionados have been left rattled by minor yet noticeable tweaks to the app, causing quite the stir.

Keen messengers have picked up on the refreshed look in recent days, with some expressing they've been "thrown off" by the alterations - and calls for the changes to be reversed are growing louder.

For over fifteen years, within the chat interface of the app, users could discern the status and availability of their contacts. To check someone's status, you'd see if they're "online", or perhaps if they're in the midst of replying - indicated by "typing" or "recording audio".

Up until now, these indicators weren't capitalised, but that's no longer the case, Bristol Live reports. After spotting the change, users have taken to social media to vent over the move, with some calling it "wrong".

These eagle-eyed WhatsAppers have clocked that these messages within the app now feature a capital letter at the start. TikTok user Ellie, who goes by @ellsdq, aired her grievances on the platform, reports Bristol Live.

In her video, she remarked: "Is anybody else getting really thrown off about the capital O on 'online', the capital T on 'typing', and capital R on 'recording a voice note' on WhatsApp? It's throwing me off and it's irritating me."

Ellie's clip has gone viral, amassing over a whopping 1.2 million views, securing 61,600 likes and prompting 1,025 comments. Other WhatsApp enthusiasts shared their vexations regarding the discreet update - with some completely oblivious.

Marcel commented: "WhatsApp just lost its aesthetic." Sarah exclaimed: "Omg I genuinely thought I was going (more) insane," and Andreita echoed the sentiment with: "I THOUGHT NOBODY ELSE NOTICED IT."

Farah chimed in: "YES. I KNEW SOMETHING WAS WRONG." Luisa Orci expressed her frustration: "It is making me INSANE, it's like an itch I can't scratch."

Amy_oncloud9 speculated: "Do you think the updates team just had nothing to do this week and had to change something to look like they were working? ".

MirahKerix shared her confusion: "Omg I've been staring at this for the last 2 days wondering why it looks so strange to me".

Some WhatsApp users seemed completely oblivious to the update, as Mazie Louise Head commented: "I have read receipts off and seen online off, I'm here for the peaceful life. I didn't even realise."

Np_kjh95 questioned, "What have I missed? .. I don't get it? " and YT: reamogetse_s stated, "Haven't gotten this update, hope it never comes."

The latest update has reportedly rolled out on both Android and iOS platforms, yet not all app users have noticed the new changes.

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