The Wheel: Contestant on ‘chaotic’ game show wins £82,000 after answering just one question

TV viewers watched on in disbelief as a contestant on The Wheel won a huge amount of money after answering just one question.

Series three of the game show, hosted by Michael McIntyre, returned for a new episode on BBC One on Saturday (5 November).

It sees three contestants, selected by chance, compete for a chance to win a hefty cash prize with help from celebrity guests.

Throughout the episode, two contestants named Zeki and Cassie, answered several questions correctly, putting £82,000 into the pot. The third contestant, Helen, was never selected, so wa sunable to contribute to the cash prize.

However, after Cassie answered her final question incorrectly, Helen was given a chance to win all of the money. After answering the winning question correctly, with help from Ally McCoist, she won the full jackpot – meaning that she became the first contestant in the show’s history to win the money having answered just one question in total.

The victory divided viewers, but the majority expressed happiness that Helen won after what she said had been a tough few years.

Helen, a healthcare worker, said she would spend the winnings on a trip overseas to celebrate the life of her late gran, who died during Covid.

One viewer wrote: “Obsessed with Helen who did not answer a single question on #TheWheel but just won £82,000.”

Another added: “#TheWheel is absolute CHAOS tonight hahaha. Helen hasn’t even had a chance tonight and she’s just won the big money! Absolutely buzzing for her.”

“ £82k for 1 right answer. Imagine,” an additional viewer stated.

Ally McCoist helped ‘The Wheel’ contestant Helen win £82,000 (BBC)
Ally McCoist helped ‘The Wheel’ contestant Helen win £82,000 (BBC)

However a contingent of viewers were not so impressed.

“Nah if I went on The Wheel and one of the other contestants won £82k after doing absolutely nothing to add to the money, I’d be rioting,” one person tweeted, while another wrote: “I think it’s pretty unfair when someone has essentially cleared #TheWheel themselves and someone else ends up winning all the money by answering just one question.”