When is 'Better Call Saul' back on Netflix? Final season six episodes arriving

Better Call Saul
Better Call Saul reaches its finale on Netflix. (Netflix)

Good news, Better Call Saul fans - the long wait for the last part of series six is almost over.

With part two of the final season due on screens this week, the end is nearly in sight for the Breaking Bad prequel series which fans have loved just as much as the show it spun off from.

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Here's all you need to know about how to watch Better Call Saul season six.

When is Better Call Saul season six part two on TV?

The first seven episodes of Better Call Saul season six began streaming on Netflix weekly from April and ran until the end of May.

There has been a break in the season, just like Ozark and Stranger Things did this year, before the final six episodes arrive.

Viewers can begin watching the last six episodes from Tuesday, 12 July when they will begin to drop weekly, with the final episode due to stream on 16 August.

US viewers get their new episodes a day earlier on Mondays.

When is the last ever episode of Better Call Saul on TV?

Better Call Saul
Saul/Jimmy and Kim's story reaches its end. (Netflix)

We now know that season six will be the last instalment of Better Call Saul, so the last episode of this block to stream will be the show's finale.

It is currently slated to release on Tuesday, 16 August in the UK, unless Netflix decide to release a couple of episodes together.

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The final episode will air on Monday, 15 August in the US, so watch out for spoilers.

What will happen in the last part of Better Call Saul season six?

Bob Odenkirk stars in Better Call Saul. (Michele K.Short)
Will the shifty lawyer get everything he wants, or lose it all? (Netflix)

The show is known for weaving a complex tale that's difficult to predict, but there are a couple of key plot points that fans will be looking out for.

Of course, the series is a prequel to Breaking Bad, so fans are hoping it will either bring events up to date with the beginning of the acclaimed original series, or possibly overlap as Saul Goodman/Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) didn't appear in the Breaking Bad world right away.

We know that Walt (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse (Aaron Paul) are set to make a cameo, despite being a good bit older now than you'd expect, although the nature of it is still secret.

Breaking Bad
Walt and Jesse are set for a cameo. (Netflix)

Saul's first mention in Breaking Bad was when Jesse told Walt in his early days of drug manufacturing that he needed "a criminal lawyer" before taking him to Saul - and with the series six flash forward having opened on Saul's mansion being raided by the FBI, it seems he could have been in serious trouble.

Fans have also been increasingly concerned about the fate of Saul's wife Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn) who is never mentioned in Breaking Bad.

And of course, there's the aftermath of Lalo's (Tony Dalton) shocking visit to Saul and Kim's apartment in the last episode to deal with...

Better Call Saul season six part two begins streaming on Netflix on Tuesday.

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