Where to find bloomin' beautiful cherry blossom in London

Sakura beauty: London is busy with cherry blossoms (@lukecabrahams)
Sakura beauty: London is busy with cherry blossoms (@lukecabrahams)

Scroll through anyones Instagram feed of late and you'll notice one standout thing: countless shots of bloomin' beautiful cherry blossoms. Can you blame them? Of course not, they are some of the most stunning and enduring buds out there.

Supremely important to the people of Japan, cherry blossoms symbolise clouds because of their nature of blooming en masse. A metaphor for the ephemeral nature of life, the tree is often associated with several schools of thought rooted in the history and culture of Buddhism, heavily embodied in the concept of mono no aware – where the transience of the tree's blossom meets the beauty and volatility of mortality. They are also rather joyous to look at, too.

As we love going out and finding new things, we thought we'd round up a few spots where you can spot sakura in the city.

From the glorious Royal Parks of our buzzing electric metropolis to the elegant streets of Chelsea, here's where to go on your very own kaleidoscopic cherry blossom trip.

Kensington Gardens

A stonkingly beautiful rainbow of pink and white petals live right next to the Lancaster Gate entrance of the 275 acre royal park. Walk to the other side and you'll find three giant white sakuras surrounding the Albert Memorial (the giant shrine dedicated to the Prince consort outside the Royal Albert Hall). Now that's a pretty sight.

Greenwich Park

Conquer the mighty hill that leads up to the Royal Observatory, continue south towards Blackheath and you’ll spot a whole row of cherry blooms leading up to Ranger’s House. Go early to avoid an onslaught of the city’s 'grammers fighting for the perfect shot.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Two tall magnificent spruces are literally plonked riverside just opposite the South Transept of Sir Christopher Wren’s mammoth baroque masterpiece.

Regent’s Park

An entire row of cherry blossoms will be in full bloom at the south end of Avenue Gardens. If you get lost, it's not far from Queen Mary's beauteous Rose Gardens. Evergreen hedges, three tiered fountains and ornamental bowls are also plentiful.


This Chelsea spot is London’s answer to Bonn’s cherry blossom avenue. For as far as the eye can see, countless rosy posy florets glimmer proudly amongst high Victoriana and Georgian architectural chic.

St James's Park

Several stunning blooms are dotted throughout the park but you'll find the best gleaming by the St James's Park station entrance, lining the Blue Bridge and just under the Victoria Memorial basin by Buckingham Palace.

Kew Gardens

If you want to make a day of it, head to the Cherry Walk at Kew Gardens. It starts by the Rose Garden behind the Palm House with a stunning collection of Japanese cherries, including whites, pinks and a Great White sakura.