'Where Are You Going?': Bear Abandons Playtime to Approach Sanctuary Worker Who 'Might Have Treats'

A brown bear seemed to lose interest in playtime at a sanctuary in Otisville, New York, instead walking towards the recorder of this video, who he thought “might have treats,” the center said.

Video recorded by Susan Kowalczik of the Orphaned Wildlife Center shows Kowalczik’s husband Jim initiating playtime with Leo the bear.

While the animal follows him into a plastic tunnel at first, it then seems to reconsider, preferring the company of Susan Kowalczik behind the camera. In the background, Jim Kowalczik can be heard saying, “Where are you going?”

The center uploaded the amusing footage to YouTube with the caption: “Leo: ‘Yeah yeah dad, I was GOING to come play with you, but… errr… there’s mom… and she might have treats.’"

Founded by Jim Kowalczik, Susan Kowalczik, and Kerry Clair in 2015, the Orphaned Wildlife Center, in Otisville, New York, nurtures its animal residents, in the hope they can be returned to the wild.

The center often shares videos and updates about the animals in its care to its YouTube channel and Facebook page. Credit: Susan Kowalczik via Storyful

Video transcript

- Come on. No? Bye. [INAUDIBLE] Come on, scaredy cat. Get in. Where are you going?