Where is The Other One filmed? Filming locations for the BBC comedy

BBC/Cave Bear/Tiger Aspect/Vish Sharma
BBC/Cave Bear/Tiger Aspect/Vish Sharma

In this current climate which is constantly predicting doom and gloom, we’re desperate for some bright new comedy to cheer us up.

Thankfully, BBC One has answered our prayers in the shape of The Other One, the brand new comedy written by Motherland writer Holly Walsh.

The Other One follows two half-sisters, both called Catherine Walcott, who don’t know about the other’s existence until their dad suddenly dies and reveals he’s been living an elaborate double life.

Naturally, the two sisters couldn’t be more different from one another, with Cathy Walcott (played Ellie White) being Type A, sensible and a stickler for the rules, while Cat Walcott (Misfits star Lauren Socha) is wild, loud and party-hard.

Two families are tied together after their father dies (BBC/Cave Bear/Tiger Aspect/Vish Sharma)
Two families are tied together after their father dies (BBC/Cave Bear/Tiger Aspect/Vish Sharma)

But when they meet for the first time at their dad Colin’s funeral, the pair can’t help but bond despite their differences.

So what’s the setting for this drama-fuelled double-life comedy? Here’s everything you need to know (including some minor spoilers).

Where is The Other One filmed?

The bulk of the drama takes place between Manchester and Bolton, where the series it set.

Episode One

Cat and Marilyn's home is on a lovely cul de sac on an estate in Royton.

The Forum Centre, Wythenshawe is the backdrop of Cathy’s office car park.

(BBC/Cave Bear/Tiger Aspect/Vish Sharma)
(BBC/Cave Bear/Tiger Aspect/Vish Sharma)

Tess' walking group Nordic walk around Horrocks Wood car park in Bolton where she gets reacquainted with Cathy's old geography teacher.

The Halfway House pub in Royton was turned into a fancy restaurant for Cathy and Cat's joint birthday party by the BBC art department.

Episode Two

The Bridal Path, Altrincham is the wedding dress shop where Tess and Cathy pick out her wedding dress.

Greenwood Fryery, Warrington, becomes the best fish and chip shop in Greater Manchester, while Markland Hill, Bolton is home to Tess' house where Cathy and Marcus live before Tess sells it to get rid of any evidence of Colin from her life.

Episode Three

(BBC/Cave Bear/Tiger Aspect/Vish Sharma)
(BBC/Cave Bear/Tiger Aspect/Vish Sharma)

Chadderton Hall is the setting for when the Catherines are learning to ride a bike.

Municipal tip where Marcus is sent to get rid of the old mattress only to become an inadvertent sex symbol is the Northwich Recycling Centre.

Horrocks Wood Car Park, Bolton is where Cat and Cathy scattered their dad's ashes. It has huge sentimental value for our two families and has incredible views across Bolton.

Episode Four

Rivington Go Ape and Woodlands is home to the adventure course, with the BBC building their own glampsite in the woodlands next to Go Ape.

Episode Five

(BBC/Cave Bear/Tiger Aspect/Vish Sharma)
(BBC/Cave Bear/Tiger Aspect/Vish Sharma)

Arley Hall is the Pre-nup drink-up venue for Cathy and Marcus that Tess has hired to show off to her friends because of its grandeur. This stately home famously home to Peaky Blinders as well as lots of other film shoots.

JTF Warrington is the discount warehouse where Cat runs in to her old school bully.

(BBC/Tiger Aspect Productions/Matt Squires)
(BBC/Tiger Aspect Productions/Matt Squires)

Cathy and Marcus' new build home, with automatic lights in the bathroom and a lovely view in in Glossop.

Episode Six

The art department actually dressed a very gorgeous building on the canal to look like our hero pub, The Shamley Arms for the exterior. This was their dad's favourite place to take his boat so the girls follow in his footsteps. We filmed next to the Marple Locks - a flight of 16 locks in a short row and one of the steepest flights in Britain.

The pub interior was the Ring O Bells, Marple.

And while we may think that people secretly living a double life are extremely rare, filming was almost hampered by a strange similarity during the locations recce.

“One of the houses we looked at said it had happened to them, so it was too close to home and we couldn’t use their house,” co-writer Pippa Brown told Den of Geek.

The Other One airs Fridays at 9pm on BBC One, and is available now as a complete box set on BBC iPlayer

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