Where to Watch ‘When Evil Lurks’: Is the Horror Movie Streaming or in Theaters?

“Terrified” director Demián Rugna is back with another gruesome and critically acclaimed horror movie, “When Evil Lurks.” Billed as a “wildly original take on the possession film,” “When Evil Lurks” follows two brothers who stumble onto a grotesque case of demonic infection that consumes the town like raging fever.

The film quickly earned a reputation as one of the scariest movies of the year on the festival circuit, from TIFF to the hardcore horror fans at Fantastic Fest, and on Oct. 27, it’s finally heading to streaming.

Here’s everything to know about where to watch “When Evil Lurks,” from where it’s streaming to if you can still catch it in theaters.

Where is “When Evil Lurks” streaming?

The film debuts on Shudder on Friday, Oct. 27.

Is it still playing in theaters?

If you prefer to hear the gasps and screams of a crowded theater you might still be in luck. IFC Film released “When Evil Lurks” in theaters on Oct. 6, and if you’re based in New York, the IFC Center will be playing the film through Nov. 2.

If not, you’ll probably have the best luck checking ticketing sites to see if there are still any showtimes near you. Here are a couple of options:

What is “When Evil Lurks” about?

“When Evil Lurks” offers a new take on the possession film, with brutal kills and clever original mythology. The trailer is above and here’s the synopsis:

“When brothers Pedro (Ezequiel Rodríguez) and Jimmy (Demián Salomón) discover that a demonic infection has been festering in a nearby farmhouse — its very proximity poisoning the local livestock — they attempt to evict the victim from their land. Failing to adhere to the proper rites of exorcism, their reckless actions inadvertently trigger an epidemic of possessions across their rural community. Now they must outrun an encroaching evil as it corrupts and mutilates everyone it is exposed to, and enlist the aid of a wizened “cleaner,” who holds the only tools that can stop this supernatural plague.”

Where is “Terrified” streaming?

If “When Evil Lurks” has you in the mood for more of Rugna’s brutal scares, you’ll also find “Terrified” streaming on Shudder.

Movies Like “When Evil Lurks” to Stream Next?

Looking for more dark and deranged horror films about evil, there are a handful of great picks streaming right now.

  • “The Dark and the Wicked”

    • From the director of “The Strangers,” “The Dark and the Wicked” has a similar home invasion set-up, except it’s not a trio of slashers tormenting the homestead — it’s a demonic entity. Now streaming on Shudder, AMC+ and Hoopla.

  • “Hereditary”

    • Ari Aster’s A24 horror hit is the best-known feature on this list so you’ve probably already heard how gruesome and terrifying it. If you haven’t, best to go in knowing as little as possible, just brace yourself for pulse-pounding demonic horror — and a career-best performance from the great Toni Collette. Now streaming on Max and Kanopy.

  • “The Wailing”

    • This Korean slow-burn horror has perhaps the most similar “vibe” to “When Evil Lurks,” following the spread of a violent, paranormal sickness through a small village, every bit as unrelenting and unnerving as Rugna’s film. Now streaming on Prime Video, FuboTV, Peacock, Kanopy, PlutoTV and Filmrise.

  • “Impetigore”

    • A nasty-spirited hidden gem for folks who like their horror bloody, “Impetigore” follows a young woman who returns to her ancestral village unaware that her new neighbors have spent years trying to find and kill her in order to remove a curse. Now streaming on Shudder and AMC+.

  • “Pyewacket”

    • A slower, more somber affair than “When Evil Lurks,” the 2017 witchy horror “Pyewacket” is alike mostly in its sense of unyielding otherworldly menace — this time, a powerful presence that a teenage girl conjures to kill her own mother. Now streaming on Prime Video, AMC+ and Tubi.

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