Where’s the Witness? Elba Murder Trial delayed

ELBA, Ala. (WDHN) — A court proceeding for one of three suspects in a Valentine’s Day murder in Elba has been recessed until July

Freddie McGee was in court today for a preliminary hearing.

McGee is one of three suspects charged with murder in the death of Ethan Hill. Hill was killed after a drug deal went wrong on Jones Street in Elba on Valentines Day night. Freddie McGee is allegedly the gunman who fired two shots killing Hill.

The defendants said only two people were standing outside when the shots rang out before they got back into their car, but the eyewitness said all three were outside the car before getting back in. With there being such a conflict, the defense team is requesting a subpoena for the eyewitness.

“Well, that was one of the reasons I wanted the witnesses to be there. I felt like some of the testimony given sorta conflict of the eyewitness that can bring out what was said or seen. All of the testimony given was hearsay,” Cracker Waldrop said.

“We’ve now because of the three co-defendants between Aniah’s law and hearings. This is the sixth time we have been to court so I’m trying to move these cases forward. The state believes we met our burden and has proved probable cause,” Coffee County District James Tarbox said.

The judge ruled that subpoenas would be re-issued to the witnesses so the defense could question them about statements they gave to law enforcement.

That hearing will be on July 18th at 10 am.

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