'WHEW!': Car Burrows Through Deep Snow Near Lake Tahoe

A couple who live near Lake Tahoe, California, were faced with a road full of deep snow as they drove home early on Sunday, March 5.

Haley MacPhail told Storyful that she has “never experienced a winter like this one.”

MacPhail and her boyfriend had been visiting her sister in Homewood, but needed to make the journey home to Incline Village for work the next morning. She tweeted the video with the caption, “WHEW!”

MacPhail told Storyful that “waist-deep powder” had piled up through the night, but it was not so packed that she and her boyfriend couldn’t get through it with snow tires on.

“If this snow wasn’t as light as it was, this would have been harder,” MacPhail said. “We are stoked for the snow we are receiving and couldn’t believe our eyes when we stepped out the door. Just another day for us Tahoe locals!” Credit: Haley MacPhail via Storyful