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Which streaming bundles are available in the UK?

A combined subscription to Disney+, Hulu and Max has been announced in the US, but what's on offer in the UK?

PARIS, FRANCE - NOVEMBER 20: In this photo illustration, the logos of media service providers, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + and Hulu are displayed on the screen of a television on November 20, 2019 in Paris, France. Netflix, the US giant of online video subscription, has more than 5 million subscribers in France, 4 and a half years after its arrival in France in September 2014. Netflix offers movies and TV series over the internet and now has 137 million subscribers worldwide. (Photo by Chesnot/Getty Images)
Netflix, Prime Video, Disney + and Hulu logos are displayed on a screen. There are a number of streaming services to subscribe to, but some have bundle deals. (Getty Images)

The streaming landscape has become difficult to navigate, what with new services popping up every so often and others merging or changing names.

In the US, Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery announced a new streaming bundle that is a combined subscription to Disney+, Hulu and Max. The bundle will be available in the summer, and off the back of the exciting news questions have been raised over whether this option will be available to people outside of the US.

For those curious about the streaming bundles that they can access in the UK, here is everything that we know so far.

POLAND - 2024/02/23: In this photo illustration, a Disney + logo seen displayed on a smartphone. (Photo Illustration by Mateusz Slodkowski/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)
In the US, Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery announced a new streaming bundle that is a combined subscription to Disney+, Hulu and Max. (Getty Images)

Sign up to Disney+

On 8 May it was announced that Disney+, Hulu and Max will be made available as a package on any of the three platforms, with subscribers given the option to access ad and ad-free versions of the bundle.

While this might seem enticing to UK viewers, the sad news is that the bundle will only be available to people in the US. But that shouldn't be disheartening, because there's a reason that the UK won't have this bundle available to them.

First of all, Max and Hulu aren't available streaming services in the UK. Hulu is owned by Disney+, and the majority of shows that go to Hulu in the US are released as part of Disney+'s sub-category Star. The content hub is where more adult-oriented content sits, including shows from Disney subsidiaries like Hulu, FX, and ABC such as The Bear or Grey's Anatomy.

The exception to this is Hulu series The Handmaid's Tale and Nine Perfect Strangers, which are both available on Prime Video in the UK.

Emma D'Arcy as Princess / Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen in House of the Dragon S2. (Sky/HBO)
HBO shows that are available on Max like House of the Dragon come to Sky in the UK as part of a longstanding deal between the two services. (Sky/HBO)

Sign up to NOW

What this means is that those with a Disney+ subscription who are interested in Hulu shows from the aforementioned bundle don't need to worry, they will automatically be given access to the programmes on Disney+ in the UK.

Max, on the other hand, already has a deal in place with Sky which means that the shows that air on HBO and its streaming service are released on Sky in the UK. This means that people in the UK who want to watch shows like House of the Dragon, True Detective or The Sympathizer should opt in to Sky or streaming service NOW instead.

For those that still want to find a way to enjoy the Disney+, Hulu and Max bundle, there is a way that they can and that is by using a VPN. One such option is Express VPN, who currently have a deal that gives users who sign up to a 12-month subscription three months free, for £5.48 a month.

Netflix, which is the home of Stranger Things, and Sky have a bundle available in the UK for users that want all their streaming services in one place. (Netflix)
Netflix, which is the home of Stranger Things, and Sky have a bundle available in the UK for users that want all their streaming services in one place. (Netflix)

Sign up to Sky Go

The Disney+, Hulu and Max bundle may not be available in the UK but there are a few combined streaming deals that viewers can access. Here are the ones that are available.

Sky TV users have an option to sign up to a bundle that will give them access to Netflix alongside their Sky subscription, those who already have a Netflix account can merge their accounts at no extra cost.

The bundle gives users access to Sky TV channels and Netflix for £26 a month, but exclusive channels like Sky Sports, Cinema and Kids are not included.

There is also a bundle offer for Sky Stream, Sky TV, Netflix and Sky Cinema for £10 a month for one month, and then £36 a month over an 18-month contract. While those who sign up to Sky Cinema will also be given access to Paramount+ at no extra cost.

Antony Starr as Homelander in The Boys S4. (Amazon Studios)
Prime Video subscribers can also opt into channel bundles, meaning viewers can watch The Boys and shows from other platforms like Paramount+ if they wish. (Amazon Studios)

Sign up to Prime Video

Another streaming service that offers a variety of bundles is Prime Video, where viewers can opt into subscribing to a variety of channels. This includes Lionsgate+ (which will soon be renamed to MGM+), Paramount+, horror streamer Shudder, reality TV hub Hayu, anime streamer Crunchyroll, and movie channels like Mubi and Arrow Video.

Each channel has a subscription cost that will be added onto a Prime Video subscriber's bill per month, but it is an easier way in which users can bundle their various subscriptions in one place.