Which team has the most World Cup wins?

Germany and Brazil have the game wins within the World Cup tournament. (Getty)
Germany and Brazil have the same number of World Cup wins. (Getty)

Only one country has played in every single World Cup, and that’s Brazil.

There have been 21 World Cups to date, from 1930 to 2018, and the Brazilian team is the only five-time champion, followed by Germany and Italy, who have won the title four times.

But who comes first in total number of victories?

Brazil, of course. Easy right? Actually, the distance between the five-time champions and Germany is not as great as one might think.

Brazil last won the World Cup in 2002. (Getty)
Brazil last won the World Cup in 2002. (Getty)

The two teams have played the same number of matches (109) even though Germany missed out on two World Cups.

The Brazilian campaigns include 73 victories, 18 draws and 18 losses, and Germany have 67 victories, 20 draws, and 22 losses.

The two teams find themselves comfortably ahead of everyone else.

Italy, the team in third , will not be able to increase their numbers, as they are out of the 2022 World Cup.

The Azzurri have participated in 18 editions of the tournament, with 83 games played, split into 45 victories, 21 draws and 17 losses.

With two fewer games played, Argentina are on the lookout and will surpass that number in Qatar, with their guaranteed three group matches taking them one clear of the Italians.

They have played 81 games, with 43 victories, 15 draws and 23 losses.

With 15 appearances each, France, England and Spain have similar numbers.

Germany has won the second most amount of games at the World Cup. (Reuters)
Germany has won the second most amount of games at the World Cup. (Reuters)

The Netherlands, Uruguay and Sweden close the top 10 of victories.

List of teams with the most games and victories in World Cups

  1. Brazil: 109 games – 73 wins, 18 draws and 18 losses

  2. Germany: 109 games – 67 wins, 20 draws and 22 losses

  3. Italy: 83 games – 45 wins, 21 draws and 17 losses

  4. Argentina: 81 games – 43 wins, 15 draws and 23 losses

  5. France: 66 games – 34 wins, 13 draws and 19 losses

  6. England: 69 games – 29 wins, 21 draws and 19 losses

  7. Spain: 63 games – 30 wins, 15 draws and 18 losses

  8. The Netherlands: 50 games – 27 wins, 12 draws and 11 losses

  9. Uruguay: 56 games – 24 wins, 12 draws and 20 losses

  10. Sweden: 51 games – 19 wins, 13 draws and 19 losses