ITV's White House Farm cast compared to the real-life Bamber family

ITV’s​ latest true crime drama White House Farm is a six-part series, which retells the details of a shocking murder case that took place in 1985.

The incident, which dominated headlines at the time, saw five family members gunned down at an idyllic farmhouse in a small village of Tolleshunt D’arcy in Essex.

The only surviving member of the family – Jeremy Bamber – raised the alarm to the police after claiming he received a phone call from his father, who told him his sister Sheila had “gone crazy” with a gun.

But Jeremy was later arrested after his then girlfriend, Julie Mugford, said he confessed to the murders. He was found guilty of murder and sentenced to life in prison, but has always maintained his innocence and repeatedly challenged the evidence over the years.

A series of well-known stars and newcomers have landed roles, taking on the daunting task of portraying the real people involved.

Here's who plays who...

Freddie Fox as Jeremy Bamber

Jeremy Bamber (left) and Freddie Fox as Bamber (right)
Jeremy Bamber (left) and Freddie Fox as Bamber (right)

Fox – who is a member of the Fox family acting dynasty – has starred in several television series, films and plays over the years including King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, Pride and The Three Musketeers.

According to Whats On Tv, Fox said his father Edward was initially hesitant to encourage him to take the role – but has since changed his mind.

Nicholas Farrell as Nevill Bamber

Nevill Bamber (left) and actor Nicholas Farrell
Nevill Bamber (left) and actor Nicholas Farrell

A former RAF pilot, Nevill was 61 when he was shot dead at his home and a post mortem examination revealed that a fight had ensued before he was killed.

A seasoned actor, Farrell’s breakout role was Aubrey Montague in Chariots of Fire and he also also starred in several other notable films such as the Iron Lady, Pearl Harbor and Mortdecai.

He has also starred in Poirot, Midsomer Murders, Torchwood and New Tricks.

Amanda Burton as June Bamber

June Bamber (left) and Amanda Burton as June (right)
June Bamber (left) and Amanda Burton as June (right)

As Nevill and June were unable to have children, they adopted Sheila and Jeremy when they were youngsters. June – who hailed from a wealthy family - inherited the farmland and house from her father.

She was also extremely religious, and her views did not align with Jeremy and Sheila’s views.

Burton is a seasoned television actress, having starred in Brookside, Silent Witness, Waterloo Road and Peak Practice.

Cressida Bonas as Sheila Caffell

Sheila Caffell (left) and Cressida Bonas as Sheila (right)
Sheila Caffell (left) and Cressida Bonas as Sheila (right)

Sheila, a former model, was originally blamed as the person who was responsible for the deaths of her family members in a murder-suicide.

Jeremy Bamber told officers that he received a phone call from his father saying Sheila had “gone crazy" before the family were shot dead. According to a psychiatrist, she had paranoid schizophrenia and had received treatment, which gave Bamber his alibi.

However, during the trial her psychiatrist, her mother’s niece Ann Eaton and Sheila’s aunt all said they didn’t believe she would kill her children and she didn’t know how to use a gun.

Cresside Bonas is an up-and-coming actress, having previously starred on the West End and also two television series and films The Bye Bye Man and Tulip Fever.

Mark Stanley as Colin Caffell

Colin Caffell (left) and Mark Stanley as Colin (right)
Colin Caffell (left) and Mark Stanley as Colin (right)

Colin is Sheila’s ex husband and father to their sons, Nicholas and Daniel. The pair had a good relationship prior to Sheila’s death and he was their sons’ full time carer.

After the murders, Colin was a key person during the trial to defend Sheila, stating that she was unable to kill them as she was so disorientated she “could barely pour beans on a plate.”

After Bamber was sentenced, Colin wrote a book, In Search of the Rainbow's End: The Inside Story of the Bamber Murders, and moved to Cornwall with his second wife, where he has built a career as a sculptor and potter.

Mark Stanley has starred in a series of popular television shows including Game of Thrones, Sanditon and Broken. He also played Knight of Ren in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Read his interview about what it was like to star in the show here.

Jude and Nate Barrowcliffe as Nicholas and Daniel Caffell

Nicholas and Daniel Caffell (Alamy )
Nicholas and Daniel Caffell (Alamy )

Aged only six when he died, Nicholas was described as the “mischievous” twin by his father Colin. He had gone to stay with his grandparents, alongside his brother, for a week’s summer holiday when he was murdered.

Jude is one half of real life twins, Jude and Nate Barrowcliffe. It is believed that this is his first television role.

Daniel was described by his father Colin as “more serious”. In an interview for the Mail on Sunday, Colin said: “Daniel used to say, ‘I want to be like mummy when I grow up.’ He was a little charmer. They are a huge loss to the world.”

Like his brother Jude, this is believed to be Nate’s first television role.

White House Farm continues every Wendesday on ITV at 9pm

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