White House: Hunter Biden helped with Biden speech prep Monday

The White House said that President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, was in a meeting with advisers on Monday to prepare for a speech later that day.

“He came back with his dad from Camp David, walked him into the speech prep and he was in the room. I can tell you he was in the room,” press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said when asked about reporting that Hunter Biden was advising his father.

NBC reported that Hunter Biden has joined meetings with the president and top aides since the debate Thursday. The president’s poor performance in the debate has led to shock and panic among Democrats, with some operatives, former aides and a House Democrat calling on him to step aside.

Jean-Pierre on Tuesday said Hunter Biden returned to the White House from Camp David with Biden on Monday afternoon, and the meeting happened quickly upon return. The meeting was to prepare Biden for a speech later that evening about the Supreme Court’s presidential immunity decision.

She argued that it’s the week of Fourth of July, so there are going to be family members around Biden this week, noting the president is “very close to his family.”

The Biden family was together at Camp David over the weekend, during which first lady Jill Biden called Vogue to insist that her husband isn’t dropping out of the 2024 race.

The Bidens are a very close-knit family, and major decisions, like those involving the president’s political future, are largely considered to be made among the first lady and his family.

A jury delivered a guilty verdict for Hunter Biden last month on three charges related to the purchase of a gun in 2018. Since then, the president has ruled out the possibility of communing the sentence.

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