Whitesboro, Sivells Bend bonds on ballot Saturday

May 3—Two Cooke County school districts are asking residents to support new building plans next weekend.

Whitesboro will ask voters for support Saturday to do a $100 million bond to expand the high school with a new auditorium, career and tech training center and agriculture arena, plus transportation and security upgrades across the district. A second bond is proposed to raise $18 million to build a new, multi-purpose building. The overall tax rise for Interest & Sinking is projected to be 18.1 cents per $100 of assessed valuation.

District officials state that three of the four schools are at capacity now. Population growth is projected to spill into the district from Grayson County, as well as southern Cooke County, over the next decade.

The Sivells Bend ISD board voted in February for a $19.9 million bond bid to address facility improvements throughout the district, including:

—A new K-8 school building;

—Bringing Sivells Bend into compliance with federal accessibility laws and new Texas state rules for student security;

—A career training facility with a shop and classrooms;

—A new storm shelter.

The financial hit to homeowners would involve raising the current Interest and Sinking rate from zero to 44 cents per $100 of assessed valuation.

Read more about the proposal at www.sivellsbendisd.net. Email Bond24@sivellsbendisd.net or call 940-665-6411 with questions.