Who are the six groups organising the pro-Palestinian protests?

The coalition of six groups will be leading a protest on Remembrance day, here's everything you need to know about the groups and why they are campaigning for Palestine

Pro-Palestinian demonstrations have been taking place across the UK for a number of weeks, calling for immediate ceasefire to the Israel-Gaza war.

A coalition of six groups that have organised the recent marches and protests for Palestine, have scheduled a demonstration to take place on Saturday 11.

As a result, the organisers have faced immense pressure to postpone the protest as it coincides with Armistice Day.

Amid a critical humanitarian condition in Gaza, campaigners received the Metropolitan Police backing to go ahead with the protest after it found no ground for a ban.

The Met police commissioner, Sir Mark Rowley said: “The organisers have shown complete willingness to stay away from the Cenotaph and Whitehall and have no intention of disrupting the nation’s remembrance events”.

Pro-Palestine march November 11 2023. (PA)
Pro-Palestine march November 11 2023. (PA)

According to the health ministry in the Hamas- controlled Palestinian territory, over 10,000 civilians and children have been killed in Gaza, as Israel troops continue to bombard the area.

The protest is scheduled to start at 12.45pm at Hyde Park and will end outside the U.S embassy.

Here is everything you need to know about the organisers leading the demonstrations.

Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) has been campaigning to end the Israeli occupation of Palestine and systematic discrimination for over 30 years and has been a strong force for change.

The member-led democratic organisation pushes to promote justice for the people of Palestine, with the aim to effectively challenge international support for Israel.

As the leading Palestinian rights organisation, PSC is one of five other groups to host a series of demonstrations that was attended by over 400,000 protestors in London streets.

In a statement issued by the organisation, it said: “This collective punishment of an entire population is in absolute defiance of international law, it is worth remembering that 80% of the inhabitants of Gaza are refugees.”

Friends of Al-Aqsa

Friends of Al-Aqsa (FOA) is a UK-based non-governmental organisation that has been campaigning for Palestinian rights and advocating for political change for 25 years.

The volunteer-led group has been at the forefront of several protests that have occurred in the UK since the start of the Gaza-Israel war on October 7.


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The organisation came under fire this week after announcing it will go ahead with a march calling for a ceasefire, due to take place on Armistice Day.

Stop the War

Established in 2001, the movement is dedicated to preventing and ending wars in several countries including Afghanistan and Iraq, following the 9/11 terror attack.

The organisation has led around 40 national demonstrations, including the largest protests ever held in Britain, when around two million protestors filled the streets of London on February 15, 2003, demanding an end to the Iraq war.

Stop the War says it “welcomes” the acknowledgement by the Metropolitan Police to back decisions for the march to go ahead on Saturday 11.

It added: “Saturday’s march too will be peaceful and will restore the focus to where it should be – the suffering in Gaza and the urgent need for the British government to support a ceasefire.”

Around one million people have attended a protest over the last month. Photo: Getty Images
Around one million people have attended a protest over the last month. Photo: Getty Images

Palestinian Forum in Britain

The Palestinian Forum in Britain is a nonviolent Palestinian-led movement that seeks to raise the profile of the Palestinian culture.

Over the last month, the campaigner has been linked to pro-Palestinian protests that have brought in a total of one million people urging international Governments to back a ceasefire.

The organisation’s decision to demonstrate on Saturday was met with mixed responses from the public, as it coincides with Remembrance Day.

It said: “We have been meeting with the Police regularly in the past few weeks to maximise public safety in the large scale protests we have been organising.”

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

Founded in 1958, CND is a nonviolent movement of campaigners with an aim to get rid of nuclear weapons in Britain and worldwide.

The organisation has consistently campaigned against nuclear weapons, urging trade unionists to refuse to build weapons destined for Israel.

The pro-Palestinian group has called for unions to pressure the UK Government to stop any military trade with Israel.

CND said: “As the ongoing humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza increases, we are asking our trade union affiliates to work within their union to respond to this call for international solidarity with the Palestinian people.”

Muslim Association of Britain

The Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) is a British Muslim organisation founded in 1997.

Well known for its participation in the protests opposing the Iraq War, MAB has co-sponsored several demonstrations over the years.

The organisation addresses complex issues affecting society including rising crime, prison population and Islamophobia.

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