Who Is Sandi Toksvig? 5 Facts About Stephen Fry’s QI Replacement

Earlier today it was confirmed that Stephen Fry will be stepping down as the host of QI after twelve long years on the show, with it being announced that Sandi Toksvig is to take his place.

Alongside the obvious gasps of shock and sadness, many fans of the topical BBC show were also wondering who exactly Sandi is, but the good news is we have had a little dig and brought you five fun facts about the new presenter of our fave educational show.


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A feminist, a humanist, and an atheist, Sandi is a comedian with buckets of experience up her sleeve to keep us all entertained on Friday nights.

So without further ado, here are the five need-to-know facts about Ms. Toksvig:

1. Although you may not recognise her name, you will definitely recognise Sandi’s face, with the 57-year-old frequenting many other comedy panel shows - including Whose Line Is It Anyway, Mock The Week, and Have I Got News For You.


Heck, she has even appeared as a guest on QI in the past and also featured in the 2013 Christmas special of Call The Midwife.

Not too shabby, eh?

2. As well as being ruddy hilarious, Sandi is dedicated to doing what she can for gender-equality, which includes co-finding the Women’s Equality Party earlier this year.


The organisation’s mission statement reads: “Equality for women isn’t a women’s issue. When women fulfill their potential, everyone benefits.

“Equality means better politics, a more vibrant economy, a workforce that draws on the talents of the whole population and a society at ease with itself.”

Sandi has also published a number of feminist books, including ‘Girls Are Best’ - a history book for girls.


3. Throwing convention to the wind, our new host has shunned a regular house to live on a houseboat in Wandsworth.

Well, at least it’s different.

4. Sandi was heavily involved with the charity Save The Children back in the 90s, however, when she came out as a lesbian in 1994 the charity dropped her services.


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Following a direct action protest by the Lesbian Avengers, Save The Children apologised.

5. Sandi has adopted three children, daughters Jessica and Megan (born 1988 and 1990) and a son, Theo, (born in 1994).

The children were carried by her then-partner, Peta Stewart, who she separated with in 1997. Speaking about the adoption process, Sandi previously said to the Times: “I have adopted three kids I wouldn’t care if they came from Tesco.


“I don’t care about the blood thing. They call me Mummy and I earned it. We love each other. You can’t do better than that. Lots of families don’t.”


Needless to say, it’s pretty bloomin’ obvious that Sandi is a seriously interesting person and we can’t wait to see what she brings to QI in the next season of the show.