Who are the 'MasterChef' 2022 finalists? When is the final on TV?

John Torode and Gregg Wallace
John Torode and Gregg Wallace are getting ready to name the MasterChef 2022 winner. (Shine TV)

It's MasterChef finals week, with five amazing amateur cooks approaching the final hurdle and one set to be named the 2022 winner.

But who is still in the BBC One contest, when will they find out who the champion is, and what will they have to do this week?

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Here's all you need to know about MasterChef's 2022 final.

Who won MasterChef 2022?

MasterChef winner Eddie Scott with his trophy. (Shine TV)
MasterChef winner Eddie Scott with his trophy. (Shine TV)

The winner of MasterChef 2022 was announced as Eddie Scott during the final on Thursday (5 May) evening.

Scott, a marine pilot who has served in the Merchant Navy, impressed judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace with three perfect final dishes - turbot and oysters with a champagne butter sauce, a chicken biryani, and a French dessert of chocolate mousse and armagnac-soaked prunes.

The champion has said he hopes to launch a new career with his own restaurant.

When is the MasterChef 2022 final on TV?

Finals week runs over three nights, starting on Tuesday, 3 May and continuing on Wednesday before the winner is named on Thursday, 5 May.

Each episode is an hour long and begins at 8pm on BBC One.

Who are the MasterChef 2022 finalists?

This year's finalists Sarah, Ioan, Pookie, Eddie and Radha. (Shine TV)
This year's finalists Sarah, Ioan, Pookie, Eddie and Radha. (Shine TV)

Going into finals week, the contest has been whittled down to five cooks still in the running to be crowned the series champion.

They are 30-year-old marine pilot Eddie, 45-year-old beauty salon owner Pookie, 38-year-old marketing manager Ioan, 23-year-old law graduate Radha, and marketing consultant Sarah, 47.

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However, only three of them will make it through to the grand final on Thursday, where they'll have the chance to showcase their best dishes in the hope of winning the trophy.

Ioan was first out, being sent home after the first challenge in Tuesday's episode where he created a dish inspired by Tom Daley's Olympic Gold win in Tokyo.

Next to leave was Sarah, making Pookie, Radha and Eddie the final three.

What are the final MasterChef challenges?

Gordon Ramsay laughs during an interview with the Boston Globe in Boston on Feb. 7, 2022. Ramsay recently opened Ramsay's Kitchen at the Mandarin Oriental. (Photo by Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)
Gordon Ramsay will put the contestants through their paces. (The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

The end may be in sight, but the challenges are far from over for the contestants.

Tuesday's episode sees them create a dish inspired by a public figure or a piece of art, film, song, TV series or book, before taking a trip to the Ballymaloe House and Cookery School in County Cork.

At the renowned cookery school they'll learn about the work of the late chef Myrtle Allen and then put some of her philosophy to use in creating an exclusive feast for a prestigious guest list.

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Cooks should don their hard hats for Wednesday's challenge, where they'll join tough chef Gordon Ramsay at his London restaurant as it celebrates 21 years of holding three Michelin stars.

He'll teach them some of his classic dishes, which they'll have to recreate perfectly for his most trusted staff and career mentor.

Finally, those still in the running will take on the classic grand final task on Thursday of cooking their most accomplished dishes in a three-course meal each in the MasterChef kitchen.

Judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace will then make their decision on who is the MasterChef 2022 winner.

Who won MasterChef 2021?

The 2021 finalists Tom Rhodes, Alexina Anatole and Mike Tomkins. (Shine TV)
The 2021 finalists Tom Rhodes, Alexina Anatole and Mike Tomkins. (Shine TV)

Contestants will be hoping to follow in the footsteps of previous winners including last year's champion, Tom Rhodes.

He fought off tough competition from Mike Tomkins and Alexina Anatole to lift the trophy and join the list of top amateur chefs to have come out of the show.

Last year's final episode was delayed by a few days as Prince Philip died on the day originally scheduled for the final, leading to the BBC cancelling programmes to make way for coverage about his life.

MasterChef finals week airs from 3 - 5 May at 8pm on BBC One.

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